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Premiere of New MS700 Solid Tyres with EcoPoint3 Technology

Tyre manufacturer Maxam, a subsidiary of the Chinese tyre group Sailun Group, is launching its latest generation of solid tyres for industry. The performance characteristics of the new MS700 tyre generation benefit from the new EcoPoint3 compound technology and enable tyre manufacturer Maxam to achieve a breakthrough in performance and productivity. This is because modern industrial vehicles, such as forklift trucks, are exposed to a wide range of challenges in their daily work: Ground conditions, duration of use, load capacity and on-site conditions in terms of curves, track lengths and temperature requirements vary greatly. Maxam meets these specific customer needs and is also repositioning itself in the industrial tyre segment. “With the latest EcoPoint3 tyre technology, Maxams MS700 tyre generation also offers an ideal tyre solution for different customer segments and a tailored portfolio for different industrial applications,” said Courtland Scott Michaels, Vice President Maxam Europe.  MS700 tyres with EcoPoint3 technology are therefore true all-rounders that always deliver the highest performance on different soils, under various loads and at diverse speeds.

With its new EcoPoint3 tyres, Chinese tyre manufacturer Sailun and its subsidiary Maxam are turning over a new leaf and innovatively meeting the increasing demands of the industrial sector. For example, the latest MS700 generation of solid tyres is ideal for demanding high-intensity applications requiring high levels of mileage, endurance and durability, and maximum lifting capabilities, even for port applications. In addition, MS700 tyres are extremely stable and provide low rolling resistance thanks to the EcoPoint3 compound. What’s more, lower heat generation in the tyre results in increased energy efficiency and reliable performance in the most demanding 24/7 industrial applications. As a result, the latest generation MS700 tyres are ideally suited for forklift trucks and other industrial vehicle applications used in production and manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, or ground applications.

In addition, MS700 tyres with EcoPoint3 technology can play a decisive role in industries where cleanliness is very important and can demonstrate their performance and competitiveness in the long term – for example in the food industry or pharmaceutical sector.  This is because MS700 tyres from Maxam do not leave any soot behind in daily use.

Independent experts attest great potential to MS700 Eco-Point3 tyres

Based on consistent research and development over the past ten years, Maxam places particular emphasis on the highest possible performance. Compared with competitors’ conventional dry compounds, the unique liquid-phase compound of the EcoPoint3 tyres impresses with superior quality combined with outstanding dynamic properties, better elongation characteristics, and lower rolling resistance and abrasion. Recent independent tests confirm Maxam MS700 tyres are far more economical than comparable industrial tyres from competitors over their entire service life. In tests conducted by TÜV Süd, for example, Maxam tyres outperform established competitor tyres, particularly in terms of rolling resistance, with scores ranging from 9.8% to 39.2%.