One of the most technically challenging race circuits in the world – the Autódromodo Algarve – has agreed a three year extension to retain Davanti Tyres as its official tyre partner.

The decision by a circuit which plays host to the European LeMans Series, 24H Endurance Series, the FIM World Superbike Championship and the Algarve Classic festival, is a massive coup for the UK tyre manufacturer, which only launched its first tyre to the market in 2015.

The deal means that the fleet of high-performance cars used by the Autodromo’s elite AIA Racing School will continue to be fitted with Davanti tyres until 2022.

The school has recently updated the Racing School’s cars, with the Porsche Cayman S, Cayman 718 S and 911 GT3, Honda Civic Type R, Mercedes AMG E53, E63 S and AMG GT C all available.

And as drivers tear around the track at speeds in excess of 250km an hour, they will do so on standard, road-legal Davanti tyres!

“We have held this valued partnership for two years,” said Sean Maddocks, Davanti Sales Director for the UK and Ireland. “It is a prestigious partnership for us and we are proud of the faith the Autodromo team continue to show in our tyres’ on-track performance.”

AIA Racing School Director, Miguel Praia, said that having run on Davanti tyres – specifically the DX640 – since 2016, the instructors were keen for the school to continue using Davanti.

“The tyres have performed impressively well and have been consistent which, anyone who drives at high speed will tell you, is critical,” he said. “The fact these tyres are not a special bespoke formulation or a sticky race tyre, they are simply standard road tyres that perform right on the ragged edge, is phenomenal.

“Our drivers are highly qualified professionals and they understand the importance of tyres as a safety feature. They have developed complete confidence in Davanti since we began this partnership as tyres that handle well and provide all the feedback and control you need to drive safely and well.

We are proud to partner with Davanti Tyres.”