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Point S Northern Ireland: Shared Success Through Collaboration

Point S Tyre & Autocare is enjoying continued success in Northern Ireland, courtesy of eight members that embody the core values of the UK’s leading independent tyre dealer and car maintenance network. Committed to fortifying Point S’s presence in Northern Ireland while bolstering individual business growth, these members maintain a close-knit working relationship.

Operating 11 centres across Northern Ireland, the depots of A One Tyres, Lurgan Tyres, N&P Tyres, Tyre Safety Centre, Enniskillen Tyres, Ivan Kerr Tyres, Newcastle Tyres, and WHN Tyres cover the length and breadth of the region. Within Point S’s framework, members operate without competition from one another, ensuring each business’s security and preventing overlap in service areas.

This cohesive structure has fostered a unique bond among the eight members. Regular communication facilitates the exchange of practical advice and support without fear of undercutting one another, epitomising Point S’s ethos of ensuring independent business development.

Simon Bingham, Branch Operations Manager at Lurgan Tyre Centre, emphasised the significance of this camaraderie in their success. He said: “We’re more than happy to help our fellow Point S members, and this is reciprocated across the group. If another member is short on stock or needs fleet business picked up in our area, we’re there to help. We also see each other frequently at Point S events to share our ideas and our success stories. It’s refreshing to be a part of a network that is actively looking to help us thrive and grow.”

This is a sentiment that Mark Simpson, Director at Tyre Safety Centre, echoed. Mark said: “As a group, we’ve fully embraced Point S’s model and ethos. Our business can flourish without any concerns that other Point S members in Ireland will look to take our customers or undercut our prices. Instead, we are happy to share what works for us and we know that we will receive the same treatment in return.”

Point S celebrated the unity among its Northern Irish members in November 2023, adorning each member’s delivery vans with the logos of all eight members. The vans showcase the members’ collective presence across the country and highlights their affiliation with Point S.

On this affiliation, Mark Simpson added: “Associating with a larger brand such as Point S has worked extremely well for all eight of us in Northern Ireland. We all have fully harmonised points of sale and we are extremely happy to stock the Point S tyre. It’s a hugely popular, high quality, and affordable tyre that is exclusive to Point S members. This exclusivity gives us an advantage over our competitors, as our customers know that they won’t be able to get the tyre anywhere else in the area.”

The task of distributing the Point S tyre, as well as other tyres, components, and accessories that Point S members have access to, lies at the feet of A One Tyres in County Down. The business, which was established in 1995 and has been a Point S member since 2014, delivers stock to members’ depots across Northern Ireland on a daily basis. According to A One Tyres’ Operations Manager, Aaron Clydesdale, this has been pivotal in bringing the network closer together. Aaron commented: “We send out two vans across the country every day, so our team are in daily contact with all of the other members. Of course, we’re there to deliver the stock that they’ve ordered, but this gives us a chance to continue to build our relationships with their members of staff and enhance the feeling that we are a wider group within Point S.”

On the strong relationship between the members in Northern Ireland, Wayne Daniel, Point S UK Operations Manager, said: “When we first set out to develop a Point S network here in the UK, we envisaged a membership that works as a collective to share knowledge and lend a hand when needed to boost each member’s business. It is a pleasure to see this taking shape in Northern Ireland. All eight members are completely engaged in the Point S ethos and are committed to growing the group in line with their businesses. I look forward to seeing these relationships continue to flourish.”