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Pirelli’s Cinturato Celebrates Its 70th Birthday

The Pirelli Cinturato is 70 years old. It was born when mass mobility was just taking off, but now it’s ready to expand with the imminent debut of the latest Cinturato P7, which benefits from seven decades of continuous technical development. Cinturato is also the most versatile tyre in the Pirelli Velo range, and it’s additionally set to equip Pirelli’s Cycl-e Around e-bikes, a bike-sharing service conceived to promote sustainable mobility. But not only that: development of intelligent tyres connected to the 5G network continues apace, with the new Cinturato P7 getting ready for the future of mobility and smart cities.


The new generation of Cinturato P7 highlights the key priorities for everyday road users: safety and efficiency. Thanks to an intense research and development programme, Pirelli’s engineers have come up with a high-technology product that’s able to overcome many of compromises traditionally associated with tyres and reconcile seemingly conflicting requirements, such as performance in the wet and low rolling resistance. This is a direct result of the technology locked into the new Cinturato P7, benefitting both drivers and car manufacturers.

This new tyre for premium cars, as well as carrying over the dry-weather performance from its predecessor, improves the whole driving experience when it comes to wet handling and resistance to aquaplaning. Wet braking takes a step forward in particular, with up to four fewer metres needed to stop from 100kph. The innovations introduced by Pirelli’s engineers also improve acoustic comfort (courtesy of less road noise) and ride comfort, with the new tyre now able to absorb more bumps in the road. Overall tyre life increases by 6%, meaning that drivers can go longer before swapping tyres. Underlining the efficiency of the new Cinturato P7, rolling resistance goes down a class thanks to a reduction of 12%, improving fuel consumption by 4% (on the WLTP cycle) and reducing CO2 emissions.

The new P7 can benefit from Pirelli’s other specialities as well, such as Run Flat and Seal Inside, which allow motorists to keep driving even after a puncture. There will also be an Elect version, which identifies Pirelli tyres specially made for electric cars or plug-in hybrids.