Pirelli Expands Its Range Of All Season Tyres

Pirelli’s All Season range, which can be used throughout the year, has expanded as a direct response to increased demand from motorists. All Season tyres are intended for people not looking for extreme performance or covering big distances every year. Instead, they are ideal for drivers whose main priority is safety both in winter and summer. They are the tyres which relieve drivers of all concerns. They do not have to think about seasonal changes and, with seal inside technology, not even about punctures.


Over the last three years, there’s been a big increase in interest from consumers throughout Europe in All Season tyres, meaning that the market for them doubled between 2016 and 2019. Pirelli is expanding the range of these tyres with 22 new sizes – between 16 and 19 inches – in the Cinturato All Season Plus and Scorpion Verde All Season SF families. These are available for the aftermarket with Seal Inside technology as well: a system from Pirelli that allows motorists to keep driving even with a puncture. Thanks to these new sizes, Pirelli will be able to cover around 90% of the potential All Season market.


Winter tyres are still recommended for more powerful cars and extreme winter conditions, but Pirelli’s All Season range is designed to cater for people who prefer to use just one set of tyres all year without having to change between summer and winter, because of the way they drive and how they use their cars. That demand has increased greatly throughout Europe, with All Season tyres offering a great balance between the characteristics of a summer tyre and the specialisation of a winter tyre.


The Cinturato All Season Plus, for cars with 15 to 20 inch wheels, is designed for people who primarily drive in cities without having to worry about weather or regulations that oblige winter tyres. This evolution of the original Cinturato All Season range benefits from a special directional tread pattern design that optimises water expulsion through two wide longitudinal and lateral channels, reducing aquaplaning. The innovative design also means reduced noise, both on the inside and the outside, enhancing driving pleasure. Another distinctive trait of the new Cinturato All Season Plus is its 3D blades. The pattern is designed to optimise the movement of the tread blocks to guarantee better performance under braking and through corners. This also makes the wear profile of the tyre more even, while extending tyre life. In snowy weather, the blocks open out and capture snow, delivering excellent roadholding.

That’s why the All Season Plus is marked with the M+S symbol as well as the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol: the hallmark of total safety in winter conditions.


Pirelli offers the Scorpion Verde All Season SF for drivers of SUVs or crossovers: a tyre well- suited to both summer and winter that’s also marked with the M+S as well as the three-peak mountain snowflake symbols, guaranteeing safety in cold weather. The specific design of the tread pattern and blocks delivers excellent handling both in snowy and wet conditions, with perfect traction and lateral stability, along with low road noise. Completing the attributes of this tyre is a long life and low rolling resistance, helping to save money on fuel.


The All Season range is rounded off by the Carrier All Season for vans and light commercial vehicles. This tyre is very easy to drive, with a long life, low rolling resistance and excellent performance in all conditions. Furthermore, the Carrier All Season is a class leader in wet conditions and equipped with the M+S and three-peak mountain snowflake symbols to guarantee performance in moderate winter conditions.


The Cinturato All Season Plus and Scorpion Verde All Season SF are also available in selected sizes with ground-breaking Seal Inside technology, which allows drivers to keep going with no loss of tyre pressure, in case of punctures up to four millimetres. It works thanks to a special mousse on the inside of the tyre, which instantly wraps around any foreign object puncturing the tyre and so prevents a loss of air pressure. Once the object is removed, the mousse expands to further plug the gap. This mousse is in turn covered in a special film that also protects it before the tyre is fitted to the wheel. The Seal Inside option extends the mobility of the car with no worries, guaranteeing performance in all conditions and protecting against punctures.


Scorpion Verde All Season SF tyres are also available in selected sizes with Pirelli’s Self- Supporting Run Flat option, guaranteeing safety without compromising driving pleasure. These tyres are specifically designed to keep the car stable in the event of a puncture, allowing motorists to drive another 80 kilometres safely at a maximum speed of 80kph. It works thanks to reinforcements built in to the tyre’s sidewall, which are capable of supporting the weight of the car as well as all the forces acting on it: even with no internal tyre pressure.

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