Petlas to Showcase Its Diverse Tyre Range at the Upcoming Automechanika Dubai 2023

Automechanika 2023 in the vibrant city of Dubai, Petlas Tire Corporation is set to present its range of tyre solutions. Offering a variety of tyres suited for different terrains and vehicles, Petlas emphasises its commitment to meeting diverse customer needs. In the vast landscape of the tyre industry, Petlas continues its journey, striving to provide reliable tyres for every journey on the road.

“At Petlas, every tyre tells a story. It’s a reflection of our dedication, the hurdles we’ve overcome, and the passion that drives us,” remarked Oğuz Ay, International Sales and Marketing Director of Petlas. Automechanika Dubai is not just a fair to us; it’s a stage where these stories come alive.”

For attendees of Automechanika Dubai, here’s what Petlas has lined up:

  •   An in-depth showcase of Passenger Car Tyres highlighting their unique features and benefits.
  •   A presentation of the robust Light Truck Tyres and SUV Tyres, designed for challenging terrains.
  •   An insight into the durability and strength of the Truck & Bus Tyres range.
  •   A focus on the specialised Agricultural Tyres, tailored for farming and agricultural needs.
  •   A display of the robust Military Tyres, built for defence and security applications.

    Located at Stand S1/C23, Petlas welcomes all visitors. “We invite you to explore the quality of our tyres,” said Oğuz Ay.