Petlas Marks a Strong Presence at IAA Mobility 2023

At this year’s IAA Mobility, one of the automotive industry’s premier events, Petlas stood out as one of only two tyre companies in attendance. The event, hosted in Munich, provided a platform for industry giants to showcase their latest innovations and products.

Petlas took this opportunity to introduce its latest winter tyre models, SnowMaster 2 and SnowMaster 2 Sport. These models underscore the company’s commitment to leveraging new technologies in tyre design, ensuring enhanced performance in both snowy and rainy conditions. Test results have indicated notable success on diverse terrains, emphasising the brand’s dedication to safety and efficiency. At the fair, these innovative tyres attracted significant attention, with attendees showing keen interest in the stand, further highlighting the industry’s recognition of Petlas’s advancements.

Beyond product showcases, the event was a testament to Petlas’s strategic focus on expanding its global reach. With regular exports to over 130 countries, the company has set its sights on increasing its market share in the global tyre markets. This ambition is further evidenced by their significant presence in regions like Europe, the U.S., and Asia.