PCL Launches Digital Bicycle Tyre Inflator to Help Cyclists Get Safely on Their Bikes

PCL continues to lead the way with innovative products for new markets with the launch of the Digital Bicycle Inflation Station. The new fixed air tower for bikes designed for public use will be available across Europe and worldwide, including the Far East.

The unit, which incorporates a 5.5 bar compressor and easy-to-read display and instructions, was developed following extensive research in the UK, where there is currently no comparable product available.

Designed to save strength for cycling not the pump, all users have to do is hang their bike at the side of the machine, connect the dual valve connector, and enter the desired pressure. Then the unit does the hard work of inflating the tyres for them.

This means no bending down for the laborious, time-consuming task of manual pumping, and cyclists can feel sure they are setting off safely with the correct pressure in their tyres.

The tower is available as free vend or with card payment facilities for revenue generation and is an excellent application for councils and facilities managers to install in public outdoor areas such as parks, railway stations, supermarkets and shopping centres. Created to withstand harsh environments, the digital inflator is manufactured from stainless steel and features a 240V power connection, heavy duty tyre connector and reinforced coiled hose.

Sidebars on the towers have been tested to securely carry the heaviest and lightest cycle, and tools are also available to help with any unexpected repairs. This means riders can travel lighter, leaving repair kits and pumps at home. For professional cyclists this could add valuable seconds to performance.

Overall, PCL’s Digital Bicycle Tyre Inflator helps increase efficiency and reduce tyre wear for users – but more importantly, keeps them safely on the road.

This latest advancement into the leisure market underlines PCL’s expertise in manufacturing ground-breaking equipment for a wide range of markets, from automotive to aviation. It follows hot on the heels of PCL’s recently launched Sports Ball Inflation Station, a plug and go mobile cart that can service up to four balls at once via an on-board air supply – ideal for outlets such as sports retailers.

PCL Managing Director, Lee Wright, said: “We are really excited about the launch of our Digital Bicycle Tyre Inflator as there is nothing like it on the UK market. This is a new and advanced product that will make cycling safer and more enjoyable for all riders, from the novice to the experienced or professional cyclist.

“We know a lot of people give up cycling due to the inconvenience of maintenance, so we want to help make sure they don’t by providing equipment that can be installed in places that bike riders frequent or pass by.

“The tower is equipped with an onboard compressor and flow reduction safety valves, so the cyclist can choose the correct psi and feel confident their tyres will be inflated accurately and safely, whilst removing the time and effort required to manually pump up tyres themselves.”

Lee concluded: “This product comes fully tested with the PCL guarantee and has the brand’s pedigree DNA running through it. Therefore users can be assured that inflating their tyres with our new Digital Bicycle Tyre Inflator will be as easy as riding a bike!”

To find out more visit: https://www.pclairtechnology.com/bicycle-inflation-and-repair-station