Operational Versatility and Video Presentation Adds to E-CUBE’s Impact in Mobile Tyre Market

The groundbreaking E-CUBE mobile tyre fitting unit is increasingly becoming an essential piece of equipment within the European, North American and Asian mobile  tyre and automotive accessory market sectors. Netherlands based manufacturers –  Technomarketing Group (TMG Group) are constantly evaluating and further improving the product’s impact and practicality in this highly competitive industry.

Having recently launched a new commercial vehicle design and layout, E-CUBE offers an efficient and practical piece of equipmentfor innovative mobile tyre technicians. Introducing a new comprehensive brochure, TMG are to add even more incentives to make E-CUBE an essential part of any mobile tyre service vehicle in the future.

A brand new highly informative video of the E-CUBE in action at the roadside is now readily available and can be viewed at www.ecube-equipment.com. This video and documentation not only illustrates how to use the machine and get the most out of it but also explains how other services can be offered alongside tyre fitment for even greater profitability.

E-CUBE now offers a battery cartridge and charging/BMS (battery monitoring system) cartridge that  simply slides in- and out of the frame to provide a number of additional advantages that effectively guarantee E-CUBE as the most versatile- and service friendly tyre service system in the market.

TMG’s team of experienced technicians have been working on a new technological development which enables E-CUBE to operate as both a semi-automatic and fully automatic tyre changer, easily adapting to any situation it is required to work in. This innovative retrofit upgrade is expected to become available towards the end of this year.

With a convenient  choice of multiple E-CUBE models on offer, Ralph Dubbeldam, Managing Director of TMG Group says, “Our constant design objective is to ensure there is always an E-CUBE configuration available for every type of customer use. Commencing with the base model it is possible to simply add features related to communication, recording, data sharing, solar charging plus a lot more to suit individual working requirements.

“TMG openly invites interested companies to talk to us about what budget levels they want to invest in this ‘game-changing’ piece of equipment and we will professionally design an E-CUBE exclusively for them.

For further technical information about E-CUBE and TMG’s comprehensive product portfolio and services contact  Ralph Dubbeldam on +31 (0) 165 394018 or at r.dubbeldam@technomarketing.nl