Onto Selects Michelin Tyres to Support Sustainable Mobility

All-inclusive electric car subscription service Onto is to fit Michelin replacement tyres across its fleet in a move to ensure customers can access dedicated electric vehicle (EV) tyres which support extended battery range, low noise and long-lasting safety – from the first mile to the last.

Rob Jolly, Co-Founder and CEO at Onto, says: “We want to work with a tyre partner which truly understands EVs, the Onto brand and our sustainable mobility strategy. Michelin is already the original equipment fitment across much of the Onto fleet and has one of the broadest ranges of EV tyres on the market. Tyre choice can have a huge impact on EV performance. Partnering with Michelin will ensure we can keep our customers mobile with safe, long-lasting, quiet-running and energy-efficient tyres.”

Chris Smith, Managing Director of Michelin UK, says: “Onto is focused on innovation and sustainable mobility, and they needed a tyre partner which shared that commitment. We’re really excited for this new partnership, and looking forward to helping deliver a great driving experience for Onto customers, fitting the most energy-efficient tyres.”

Michelin’s EV range has been purposely designed to handle the additional weight of battery packs, high torque when pulling away from a standstill, near-silent powertrains and the need to maximise battery range. Key products include the Michelin e-Primacy, which has the lowest rolling resistance in its category, and the Michelin Pilot Sport EV, which enables drivers to confidently enjoy the full performance of their electric sports car.

Onto was founded in 2017 and provides an easy, accessible way for motorists to drive electric cars without the need for long-term commitment. It offers an affordable, sustainable and hassle-free usership experience for driving the latest electric cars, and providing everything from insurance and free charging at more than 11,000 charging stations in the UK, to maintenance and servicing.

For more information, visit on.to and michelin.co.uk.