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Omni United Unveils a New EV Tyre Collection Under Radar Tyres Brand

Omni United, proudly announces the launch of its highly anticipated electric vehicle (EV) tyre ranges under its flagship brand, Radar Tyres.

“The launch of our new EV tyre ranges represents our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the electric vehicle market. Consumers who used regular tyres earlier, either due to non-availability or high costs of EV tyres, were getting very low mileage. With our new compound and construction, we have rigorously tested the product for treadwear and we are very confident that the consumers will get high mileage from these tyres” said Mr. G.S. Sareen, Founder and CEO of Omni United. “We understand theimportance of providing tyres that are not only thoroughly tested but also exceed in performance attributes when tested against leading tyre brands, making premium products accessible to all drivers. With the new EV ranges we continue our commitment to the environment, a cause that we have been supporting since 2013.”

The introduction of the RADAR EV COLLECTION marks a significant milestone for Omni United in meeting the evolving needs of the electric vehicle segment. Omni United continues to invest in research & development and product testing, constantly pushing the boundaries of its offerings to keep pace with the rapidly changing automotive industry. The EV COLLECTION includes a dedicated EV tyre range, RADAR ALL SEASON EV, as well as the EV compatible fitments in the DIMAX and RPX lines.

The new ALL SEASON EV tyre features a next-generation tread compound achieving very high mileage and top of the class safety performance, combined with new structural components that help provide a balanced ride comfort, superior steering feel and very low noise.

The ALL SEASON EV has been proven to perform as well as other premium tyre brands in various testing parameters. Rigorous testing has been conducted specifically to evaluate the treadwear performance under the heavier weight and higher torque conditions of electric vehicles. The test results have been exceptionally impressive, as a result it comes with a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty(in North America) for these tyres so customers get a product offering that is on par with the leading brands available in the market. See test results below

The ALL SEASON EV is currently available in 5 popular Tesla fitments ranging from 18” to 20” rim diameters.Additionally, the EV compatible fitments in the Dimax R8+, Dimax R8, and RPX 800 have been designed to meet the requirements of both battery powered electric and hybrid vehicles are available in 5 popular sizes ranging from 15” to 17” rim diameters.
page2image4000192The launch of these new EV tyre ranges also reinforces Radar Tyres commitment to protecting the environment, a cause that the company has strongly believed in since 2013.page2image4000608More information on Omni United and Radar Tyres is available online at