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Oak Tyres Continues to Make a Positive Impact with Ecologi

This Earth Day, independent tyre wholesaler Oak Tyres is excited to reveal it has reached a new benchmark, offsetting 5,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO₂e) emissions in association with Ecologi – the equivalent of 12.9 million miles driven in a car.

Since partnering with Ecologi in 2021, Oak Tyres has offset the 5,200 tonnes of CO₂ from its van fleet through the funding of 22 different carbon avoidance projects, as well as funding the planting of over 57,000 trees for forestation and reforestation plans worldwide.

The projects Oak has supported include protection of the Matavén forest in eastern Colombia and conserving the Amazon Forest in Brazil.

In its aim to ensure its commercial vehicle fleet is fully carbon neutral, so far the impact of Oak’s carbon offsetting is the equivalent of 3,990 long haul flights, 15,600 square metres of sea ice saved or over 12.9 million miles driven in a car.

Peter Cross, Oak Tyres’ Commercial Manager, said: “It’s been rewarding to take a look back at everything we’ve achieved with our partners, Ecologi, this Earth Day, as we aim to become a more climate conscious and sustainable business.

“The automotive industry as a whole is taking more responsibility, and we are proud to be a part of this within the tyre industry.”

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