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Nordic Tyres to Launch New Range of Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres Soil King VF is the first tractor tyre that utilises Nokian Tyres Flexforce® VF tyre technology. With this cutting-edge tyre technology, Nokian Tyres has once again demonstrated that tyre technology does have a vital role in optimising tractor performance. It enables more efficient agricultural work by creating an XXL-sized ground contact and by reducing the loss of power.

Nokian Tyres Soil King VF has been tested by the highly regarded DLG, or Deutsche Land-wirtschafts-Gesellschaft. The comparison against other premium agricultural VF tyres proved its best-in-class performance in field and transport work with lower wheel slip and fuel consumption as well as a larger treated area per hour.

The tyre has been subjected to extensive field testing as well. In their reports the test users have emphasised the soil-friendliness, stability and road properties of the new VF tyre. It has enabled driving full loads with low pressure as well as faster field and road speeds.

Industry leaders applaud new tyre innovation

The tyres were seen on Fendt and Valtra tractors at Agritechnica 2023. Both manufacturers were impressed by the VF tyre’s outstanding performance in field and on road.

Soil King VF is available for AGCO’s modern tractors, including the Fendt 728 Gen7 and Valtra Q and S series.

Sizes and availability

The current size range of the Soil King VF includes eight common high power tractor tyre sizes and it will expand in the future.

Nordic Tyres will be stocking the new range over the coming weeks which will add to their extensive stock of Nokian Tyres.

Soil King VF product family currently includes: VF710/70R42, VF650/85R38, VF600/70R30,

VF600/70R28, VF710/75R42, VF600/70R34, VF650/65R34 and F650/60R34.