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Nordic Tyres To End Distribution Of Nokian Car Tyres

From the end of March 2021, Nordic Tyres (UK) Ltd will end its partnership with Nokian Car Tyres. Nordic Tyres, established in 1999 as the UK distributor for Nokian Tyres’ Heavy Products, entered into their distribution agreement with Nokian for PCR products in 2012.

Gordon Hamilton, Sales Director states “This element of our business has been a prosperous and eventful era, spanning nearly half of the company’s existence serving the UK independent tyre trade. No doubt, it has raised it’s challenges and tugged our emotions over the course but all our achievements are very well deserved and my team can be very proud of where we have taken Nokian Car Tyres to date in the UK”.

He continues “I remember May 2012, the first month I took this challenge on- I sold ZERO car tyres. That May was the beginning of our character building (& testing) journey with car tyres. That cell remains highlighted on my reporting spreadsheet to remind us that we started from nothing and created something really quite special. One of the key attributes to Nokian’s success here are of course the tyre dealers; and my dealers were certainly not 10 a penny. Trust me; if a tyre dealer knows how to sell Nokian to his customers, he knows how to sell quality. However, nothing is forever and I feel now is the right time to hand over the reigns to Nokian Tyres to take a more direct approach to the UK market and I will support them fully in this transition period. At this juncture in our own business we are being pulled, without too much duress, deeper and deeper back to our roots; specialising in the distribution of Agricultural products and with our offerings from CEAT Specialty, the fastest growing Agricultural brand in Europe, and new high-end offerings coming from Nokian Heavy Tyres, the responsible thing to do is to focus not on what we’re good at, but what we are exceptional at. The majority of Nordic Tyres’ customers buy across our whole offering of products, so this is not the end of our story together, just the end of a chapter. I’d like to thank the UK tyre trade for their support in this venture and look forward to their continuing support in Heavy Tyres for many years to come”.