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Nordexx Launches a New Design

Nordexx, a Danish-owned private label brand, has been relaunched in a distinctive, new design. With the new brand strategy, NDI Group aims to back up the Nordexx distributors and partners even more by offering support through their marketing and offering them Nordexx brand materials in a distinctive, new design.

“We want to improve the support for our distributors and make Nordexx a more recognizable brand. It is part of our ambitions at the NDI Group to have a stronger presence on the global tyre market,” explains the export manager of Nordexx, Admir Ramic.

“Apart from the new design and stronger marketing backbone of Nordexx, we also aim to keep developing our product range. Right now, we have a product range with both summer-, winter- and whole year tyres, and we follow the market and new trends closely to ensure that our news products fulfill the right needs,” Admir Ramic tells.

Apart from the product range and the new, more distinctive design, Admir Ramic also underlines that Nordexx distributors and partners get access to a large organisation with a lot of expertise and knowledge about tyres.

“The NDI Group, which is the owner of Nordexx, is the largest supplier of tyres, rims, and wheels in the Nordics, and it has existed since 1970. Therefore, Nordexx is built on many years of experience and knowhow, and the distributors and partners of Nordexx get access to an export department with specialists speaking more than ten different languages,” he tells and continues:

“We focus more on providing solutions which are tailored to our distributors’ needs, so they get a package that suits their particular market. By ensuring good service and guidance and a more distinctive and recognizable brand, we believe Nordexx can offer even more value for our distributors and partners in the future.”