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Nordexx is Ready to Deliver its New Series of Industrial Tyres

The Danish tyre company NDI Group is now ready to deliver its new Nordexx tyre series developed for industrial machines. 

Since the Danish-owned tyre brand Nordexx was created in 2007, the tyre brand has continuously expanded its growth in international markets. After 15 years, with the main focus on tyres for passenger vehicles, vans, and trucks, Nordexx is now ready to deliver a brand-new series of tyres for industrial machinery.

“It is the first time in the history of Nordexx that we can offer a tyre for the machinery business. When we developed the tyre, we focused on creating an affordable tyre of good quality for the most common uses of industrial machinery, including winter versions for the cold, Nordic climates. More specifically, the tyre is developed for loaders, earthmovers, graders, and mobile cranes,”says Carsten Andersen, export manager at Nordexx and the export department of the NDI Group.

 Thorough service and guidance

Apart from the focus on offering value for money, Nordexx customers will, according to Carsten Andersen, get access to the same service and quick delivery that the NDI Group offers its customers on export markets.

“Our customers will naturally get access to the service of our export department in Denmark. We speak more than ten languages and offer thorough and professional guidance to our customers as well as quick and price competitive delivery solutions of our tyres,” he says and continues:

“We look forward to launching an entirely new line of tyres from our tyre brand and offering our export customers economically reasonable tyre solutions. We can deliver whether it is just two tyres or tyres for a whole fleet of machines.”

 The new series of Nordexx industrial machinery is available in 37 different dimensions from 25 to 29 inches in various patterns for all relevant driving conditions and road surfaces.