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For the coming summer season Nokian Tyres, the Finnish tyre manufacturer, has prepared two new innovative products: Nokian Powerproof and Nokian Wetproof. These state-of-the-art Central European summer tyres have already scored leading ranks in different comparative magazine tests.

The varying summer conditions and different road surfaces in Europe are challenging to drivers. Temperature variations of over 40 degrees centigrade between the cold spring days and the midsummer heat, coupled with sudden thunderstorms, call for tyres that are able to adapt to different driving conditions. The new Nokian Powerproof summer tyre, designed for fast driving, masters all the forms of summer with an enjoyable balance.

“The new Nokian Powerproof gives me extremely fantastic steering feedback. That is exactly the feature you want in quality tyres. When the tyre gives you confidence in driving, it also gives you safety,” says Mika Häkkinen, a professional of speed and two-time Formula 1 World Champion, who provided his experience and insight into the testing and product development.

The extremely stable handling and logical steering of Nokian Powerproof offer peace of mind for both high-speed lane changes and sudden braking. The contact surface remains precise and exact, from rain-slick motorways to sun-scorched boulevards, and the strong structure ensures the durability. The extensive size selection of this UHP summer tyre comprises 51 products from 17 to 20 inches, with speed ratings of W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h).

New Nokian Wetproof makes driving safe and comfortable even on rainy days

When enjoying the sunny and beautiful summer days, it’s easy to forget the dangers of rain-soaked roads. Sudden and heavy rain may cause the car to aquaplane, especially if there is a lot of water on the road and in the ruts. The new revolutionary Nokian Wetproof tyre is the enemy of aquaplaning. The tyre’s most important features are excellent wet braking abilities and powerful aquaplaning resistance, which make driving easy and comfortable even in rainy days. Nokian Wetproof offers steady performance and added comfort for poor road conditions.

“Nokian Wetproof offers the best possible combination of wet and dry properties. We have been able to improve wet grip and aquaplaning resistance a lot, which means we can offer more safety for the consumers driving in wet conditions. The development has taken us over 4 years and we have tested dozens of different prototypes across Europe,” explains Jarno Röytiö, Product Development Manager for Nokian Tyres.

To provide maximum comfort and first-class safety, the tread area of the tyre is divided into two functional zones. This new technology called Dual Zone Safety offers an excellent combination of dry and wet performance. The Stability Zone is on the outside of the tyre and makes maneuvering easy and confident by offering good stability and handling properties, while the Wet Safety Zone on the inside improves the wet grip and aquaplaning resistance. The Aqua Hybrid compound also offers added safety for rainy weather. This new-generation rubber compound with advanced polymer types and improved silica structure provides excellent wet grip and lower fuel costs.