After a successful event in 2017 where the Korean tyre manufacturer launched their N´ blue HD Plus and N´Fera SU1 tyre patterns, NEXEN TYRE held their second NEXEN POINT Driving Experience 2019 to launch and test, first hand, their latest addition to their profile the N´ blue 4Season.

The event was again held at Palmersport in Bedford where more than 70 dealers were invited to a spectacular driving experience on 5th September 2019. NEXEN TYRE took the opportunity to present their new pattern and provide the dealers a platform to really put the tyre to test in racing conditions. This allowed the dealers to really appreciate the sheer quality of the tyre put through its paces, with many surprised how the N´blue 4Season performed under the strain of high performance vehicles pushed to the maximum.

Highly tuned vehicles including the BMW M2, Caterham , Renault Clio, the “legend” Land Rover Defender were equipped with the NEXEN patterns, N´Fera SU1, N´blue 4Season, ROADIAN AT 4X4 providing driving experiences in different situations and testing NEXEN across their extensive product range. Not only were the Dealers out on track for a full days driving experience, NEXEN provided a briefing on key topics in relation to their Company strategy which included the expansion of the OE market in Europe and the new European factory in Žatec.

Stapletons (Tyre Services) Ltd and NEXEN TYRE were delighted with the event, providing a rare opportunity to meet with a large amount of Dealers and for the Dealers themselves to truly put NEXEN to the test.