Nexen Tire Europe Announces Changes to Reinforce European Headquarters and Germany

NEXEN TIRE, a global tyre industry leader, has unveiled a new plan to fortify its organizational structure by assigning new members in key-positions. These changes underscore the company’s commitment to reinforcing its European Headquarters office by restructuring current functional department underneath and to expanding its presence in Germany through appointing a new managing director.

DC (DaeChoong) Kim, Vice President of Europe Sales & Marketing, will be focusing more on leading the European Headquarters office and making strategic decisions by delegating part of his previous roles to the new departments in the company.

Charles (HyungChul) Jung will take the lead role in Marketing regarding sales operation and pricing in order to strengthen NEXEN TIRE’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

For Brand Strategy, CK (Changki) Noh will be leading the product planning and marketing communications to bolster NEXEN TIRE’s brand presence and market positioning.

As the new Head of Business Administration, Kanghwi Jo will oversee key functions such as human resources, general administration, and information technology, streamlining operations and improving support to offices across Europe.

Seamlessly succeeding DC Kim to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of NEXEN TIRE’s market presence in the UK, Raphael (WooSeok) Jung has been appointed as the new Managing Director of the London office, which also covers the Republic of Ireland and Nordic markets.

The new appointments are in line with NEXEN TIRE Europe’s main objective to strengthen its position in Europe and improve functional excellence across the company as well.

With a strong sales background and a successful tenure as Managing Director of the Prague office and OE sales in Germany, Jeffrey (Sangjun) Kim takes on the central role as the Managing Director for Germany, underscoring NEXEN TIRE’s commitment to local excellence.

Peter Gulow, Vice President of Europe Central & East, will focus more on shaping the company’s overall strategic vision in the future, and in particular he will look into more details for the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. As in the past, the managing directors, including the recently appointed staff in Frankfurt, Prague, Moscow and recent office in Warsaw, will report directly to Mr. Gulow.

The appointed personnel bring a fresh perspective and deep expertise to their respective roles, underscoring NEXEN TIRE’s unwavering commitment to excellence and market leadership as they prepare the company to meet the challenges and opportunities of the dynamic tyre industry.