Neu-Isenburg/Germany, 21st September 2018  The new treads in the Hankook SmartWork line, AM11, DM11 and TM11, have been specifically developed for construction site vehicles used for the supply and removal of raw materials, gravel, waste or similar to or from construction sites and thus cover most of their miles on public roads. Steering axle, drive axle and trailer tyres offer both a long service life for use on the road and high traction for off-road use on construction sites. The tread design to match all the axle positions on the vehicle and the specially developed rubber compound make sure of that.

The SmartWork AM11 for the steering axle or use on all axles, has three extra-wide main drainage tread grooves in a zigzag design to improve hydroplaning safety. Special rubber blocks in the tread grooves stop stones from becoming lodged. An angular sipe design guarantees optimum traction, while chamfered block edges and special sipes on the tread blocks contribute towards more block stability and also improve the braking and handling response. The SmartWork AM11 also has a closed shoulder design for more driving stability, lateral stability and even abrasion for a longer service life.

The trailer tyre TM11 differs from the SmartWork AM11 in that it has a half-open shoulder design. Lateral grooves enhance tyre traction particularly on muddy or snow-covered roads and on construction sites. Both the SmartWork AM11 and the SmartWork TM11 have M+S marking.

The SmartWork DM11 is available for the drive axle. The directional V-shaped tread design enables improved displacement of mud and water in the construction site area. The interblock tie-bars at the centre of the SmartWork DM11 ensure high block stability and guarantee outstanding straight driving performance and impact dispersion for blocks, thereby improving durability. Three-dimensional sipes also enhance tyre traction. The SmartWork DM11 also has the snowflake symbol, which means it can even be used under very wintry conditions.