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New TiDaeX™ Breakdown Summary Form Saves Hundreds Of Admin Hours

Following design consultation with participating manufacturers on TiDaeXÔ,  a new Breakdown Summary Form (BSF) is being made available as an additional chargeable option for e-jobsheet(and other TiDaeX connected third party apps where supported), saving tyre service providers up to hundreds of admin hours per month.

The form is auto generated by commercial partners on the TiDaeX hub in conjunction with connected manufacturers, capturing all call handling data associated with the breakdown available from the call centre or depot, whether direct or through a third party.

The resultant BSF data and digital form is produced and transmitted via TiDaeX for the breakdown at the same time as the e-jobsheet completion form.  This means the dealer and manufacturer can align all the way from the inbound breakdown call or web request through to remedial work completion for conveyance to fleet customers.

The auto-generated Breakdown Summary Form captures who made the call, the time the call was made, the identification of the fleet customer, the vehicle specifics, who handled the call, the details of the assumption to work on the breakdown e.g. blowout on NSF, OSF etc, the policy relating to the vehicle on contract, and significantly, the time/date stamp the breakdown job landed on the app and was accepted by the responding technician.​​​​​​​​