New SAILUN Tyre Generation Delivers Sustainable Performance

The premieres of the new SAILUN ATREZZO 4 SEASONS PRO and SAILUN ATREZZO ZSR2 passenger car tyre generations and their EV versions and the new SAILUN COMMERCIO PRO van tyre set new standards – thanks to innovative EcoPoint3 technology. “We are very pleased that the reliability and energy efficiency of our new tyre generation have been positively received by international tyre experts and tyre testers worldwide right from the start,” said Gareth Passmore, Senior Vice President Car and Truck Europe SAILUN, clearly highlighting the goals and ambitions of the SAILUN Group, now ranked 12th among global tyre manufacturers. “Our formula for success is based on our intelligent “liquid phase mixing technology named EcoPoint3“, the state-of-the-art in sustainability and efficiency. We also create new premium brand experiences,” emphasises Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing SAILUN Europe. The latest tyre generations ATREZZO 4 SEASONS PRO / EV and ATREZZO ZSR2 / EV already meet the high requirements of tyres for the increasing number of EVs worldwide and reduce the energy consumption and emissions of combustion vehicles.

The innovative rubber compound specially developed by the SAILUN Group based on EcoPoint3 technology has been widely used in new tyre generations since 2022. This energy-efficient “liquid-phase mixing technology” also served as the basis to produce the new ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO and ATREZZO ZSR2 passenger car tyres. The new SAILUN tyre generations convince with lower rolling resistance, which significantly reduces energy or fuel consumption compared to competitors in the international tyre industry. In addition, optimised treads as well as revised structures also contribute to the reduction of rolling noise, shorter braking distances, better grip on dry, wet, or icy road surfaces as well as improved cornering stability. The new SAILUN tyre generations in detail:

ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO – the smart and sustainable alternative for all weather conditions

High-performance all-season tyres are becoming increasingly popular – whether in the SUV, small car, mid-size, sports, or luxury segment. The ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO with Eco-Point3 technology is particularly sustainable, offering significant fuel savings for internal combustion vehicles but also high energy saving potential for EVs. In short, the advanced, sustainable EcoPointtechnology improves all three main categories of tyre performance – safety, wear, and energy efficiency – compared to conventional tyres. This is also confirmed by independent tyre experts: comprehensive performance tests at UTAC in Ivalo, Finland, showed that the quality and performance potential of the new ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO is on a par with that of its premium competitors. The tests also under-score its competitive performance in dry, wet and snowy conditions. In particular, the better rolling resistance compared to direct premium competitors stands out.  In addition, there is the special 3D profile design – a proprietary development. According to this, the additional centre grooves and an increased number of sipes on the ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO provide improved grip on ice and snow. So-called adaptive, self-locking 3D sipes ensure long-lasting wet and snow grip without loss of dry performance. In addition, the ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO’s serrated sipes and drainage channels contribute to excellent traction and braking performance on snow and ice. In addition, the optimisation of the block stiffness of the entire tyre has a beneficial positive effect in all road conditions.

ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO EV – low rolling resistance for more range

Low rolling resistance, high load-bearing capacity, low noise – tyres for EVs and hybrid vehicles need special talents, and the focus is always on lower power consumption all year round. In addition, EVs weigh a fair amount and have high torque right from the start. Both factors can cause tyres on EVs to wear out more quickly than those on gasoline or diesel vehicles – which is bad for the environment and for energy consumption: “How resistant a tyre is to abrasion depends to a high degree on the rubber compound used. The ATREZZO 4SEASONS PRO EV offers a reduction in rolling resistance thanks to the EcoPoint3 technology and its substructure, guaranteeing safety, performance and energy efficiency in all weather conditions,” underlines Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing SAILUN Europe. In addition: the EV sizes of the SAILUN all-season tyre also feature a reinforced tread carcass that prepares the tyre for the instant torque of EVs during startup or braking. This improves overall handling and cornering precision. The asymmetrical tread design also provides improved stability, and inner tread elements effectively evacuate water from the tyre, while outer tread elements are specialised to improve grip and handling all year-round. Finally, sipes on the shoulder blocks enhance grip for precise cornering and braking.

ATREZZO ZSR2 – the ultimate combination of sustainability and performance

For more sustainable mobility without sacrificing performance and high level dynamics, the new generation ATREZZO ZSR2 has been developed. The decisive factor is the innovative tread design and the tyre structure. The special tread and the special rubber compound not only ensure a long service life, but are energy-efficient, reduce fuel consumption and are also designed for high torques and above-average acceleration forces. Another convincing feature of the ATREZZO ZSR2 is therefore its low rolling resistance, which can also be used to demonstrably increase the range of electric cars. The asymmetric tread pattern and the improved EcoPoint3 rubber compound also ensure excellent grip on wet and dry roads, more optimal contact pressure, and first-class cornering and handling at high speeds. Added to this are superior wet grip properties, and minimal wear abrasion. Convex entry ribs and wide water drainage grooves provide optimum wet grip and aquaplaning resistance in rain and wet conditions. Optimised tread blocks provide outstanding high-speed performance, a stiff center rib for greater stability as well as better ground contact, and wide side grooves for easier water drainage. Maximised road contact patch on the ATREZZO ZSR2 outer shoulder contributes to improved dry grip and precise, sporty handling. Finally, stress-relieving sipes as well as 3D grooves on the inside of the tread lead to improved ride comfort and low driving noise. This is also underlined by independent tests, such as those conducted by TÜV Süd. In these tests, the ATREZZO ZSR2 demonstrated its strength not only around economy (rolling resistance), but also in wet handling and wet braking. The resistance of the tread showed a clean and even abrasion pattern even after heavy use. In all aspects, the ATREZZO ZSR2 showed superior performance compared to its premium competitors. In addition, the new SAILUN ultra-high-performance tyre impresses in independent tests with its perfect price-performance ratio.

ATREZZO ZSR2 EV – the new development for electric and hybrid vehicles

The ATREZZO ZSR2 EV is the latest addition to the ZSR range, designed specifically for electric and hybrid vehicles. An ultra-high performance tyre that impresses with its exceptionally low rolling resistance using the innovative EcoPoint3technology, thus measurably increasing the range and contributing to energy-efficient driving. At the same time, the ATREZZO ZSR2 EV offers high driving dynamics characterised by excellent grip, precise steering response, short braking distances in dry and wet conditions, and very high safety during swerving and braking. “The EV success formula includes: less rolling resistance means less power consumption per kilometre and thus directly more range. This makes the ZSR2 EV ideal for high-performance EVs in particular,” explains Stephan Cimbal. In addition, the specially reinforced tyre carcass helps to cope with the immediate and high torque of EVs and at the same time improves noise damping and thus driving comfort.

The COMMERCIO PRO – new standards in the transport industry 

The COMMERCIO PRO is the next generation of the COMMERCIO VX1 and was developed specifically for commercial vehicles on the European market. SAILUN is thus also opening a new chapter in the transport industry. “The COMMERCIO PRO meets in all aspects the diverse requirements of heavy-duty distribution and fleet use with frequent acceleration, braking, manoeuvring and cornering on the various road surfaces,” says Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing SAILUN Europe, adding, “Our uncompromising tests up to series production readiness always served the purpose of making the COMMERCIO PRO better and more reliable compared to the premium suppliers in the market. In tests, it underlines its strengths not only in terms of economy and rolling resistance, but also in terms of fuel consumption performance of up to 7.6% compared to premium competitors.” There are many reasons for this: in designing the tyre tread and rubber compound, the developers combined very good wet performance and braking with low rolling resistance and high mileage. The engineers optimised the entire design and rubber compound of the tread, belt construction, carcass, and bead – always bearing in mind that the commercial vehicle sector in particular sets the highest quality standards for tyres. The three main advantages of the COMMERCIO PRO are clear: in addition to load-bearing capacity and durability, it also improves ride comfort and safety. The tread pitch has also effectively reduced noise vibrations, which also contributes to greater ride comfort or better handling as well as greater stability even at high speeds, e.g., on highways, and longer journeys. Wide longitudinal grooves and a high number of deep sipes also improve wet braking performance and shorten braking distances. Another impressive feature of the COMMERCIO PRO is its outer tyre contour with wider tread, which improves wear resistance and handling. Fewer sipes in the tread blocks also increase block stiffness and larger shoulder blocks promote stability when turning. Likewise, the overall ground contact area has been increased, effectively improving not only handling, overall grip, but the durability of the tyre. The even distribution of pressure on the tread also promotes even tread wear. Reduced rolling resistance lowers fuel consumption and extends service life. Finally, an improved sidewall design of the COMMERCIO PRO not only increases impact and puncture resistance, but also contributes to an overall higher level of safety.