New Michelin Scorcher Adventure for the HD Pan America

The close working relationship Michelin has forged with Harley-Davidson over the past 13 years is driven by the penchant they share for performance, quality and innovation. Today, more than 40 percent of the motorcycles manufactured by the American brand are equipped with the French firm’s products, and the two companies pooled their respective expertise once again during the development of the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 which is fitted exclusively with Michelin tires.

The MICHELIN Scorcher Adventure, tailor-engineered for predominantly on-road use

From the outset of the ambitious Pan America 1250 project, Michelin and Harley Davidson engineers employed sophisticated simulation tools to lay the foundations for a tire tailored to the new motorcycle’s characteristics. This initial, virtual phase was followed by three development cycles and an extensive test program.

The result of this joint bid to deliver excellence and long life on dry and wet roads alike is the MICHELIN Scorcher Adventure, a technically-advanced premium tire that combines innovation, performance and distinctive looks to make it the perfect match for this exceptional trail bike.

Thanks to the MICHELIN Scorcher Adventure’s specific features, exacting Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 owners who spend 80 percent of the time on ordinary roads and 20 percent on trails will be able to enjoy their motorcycle’s capabilities to the full.

To ensure optimum performance not only on open roads but also when traveling off-road, the MICHELIN Scorcher Adventure incorporates numerous Michelin innovations, including 2CT+* technology and latest-generation compounds for the rear tire to achieve the required high standard of stability. Meanwhile, the front tire’s stiff compound ensures outstanding steering torque and facilitates leaning into corners despite the Pan America 1250’s power – one of the highest in its category – and weight.

Cobranding is another hallmark of the association between Michelin and Harley-Davidson, and the MICHELIN Scorcher Adventure is no exception, since the names of both brands and their respective logos appear on this bespoke tire’s sidewalls.

The MICHELIN Anakee Wild, for high-performance trail use

For Pan America 1250 owners who use their motorcycle more frequently on unsealed roads, Michelin and Harley Davidson propose the MICHELIN Anakee Wild as an option. The innovative design of this alternative solution’s tread makes it ideally suited to up to 50 percent track/trail use thanks to its superior traction performance, agility and directional precision on loose ground.