New ‘Luxus’ Tyre Changer from Hofmann Megaplan

Ever since the introduction of the new LUXUS 2 post lift range in 2021, that premium spec’ range has firmly established the Luxus name as one of the fastest-growing lift lines in terms of popularity in the UK.

Now, building on that ‘best in class’ concept, the company has introduced what they claim to be the ‘toughest’ tyre changer the market has ever seen.

The all-new megamount LUXUS 70LLF is manufactured 100% in Italy, produced by one of the country’s longest-running tyre changer factories boasts a structure that goes back as far as the early ‘80s – when more steel was used and the manufacturing process was arguably more ‘artisan’.

Boasting a 5 Year Warranty, synonymous with the Luxus model name, this new tyre changer also includes an annual Service & Inspection from one of the company’s factory-trained engineers, as well as a host of features that would often be considered ‘extras’ as standard fitment.

Arguably one of the most notable highlights is the new HPX Advance ‘assist’ system, which uses two pneumatic cylinders as opposed to the traditional single cylinder employed on tyre changer assist arms. The result is an assist arm that can also be used to break the bead, further enhanced by a separate ‘travelling press’ device, providing even more control and power for the operator when changing difficult tyres to expensive rims.

An integral wheel lifter, leverless operation and 26” clamping are just a few of the other features that ensure the megamount LUXUS meets the needs of those customers where, quite simply, only the best will do.

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