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The wave of solidarity generated by BKT does not stop. Once again, the company has demonstrated its extraordinary care for the Community and its people. The corporate claim “Growing Together”is a promise that BKT is going to keep towards all those being part of its big family. First of all, this applies to India, the group’s country of origin. BKT is proud and aware of its roots, and tends to share its results as a contribution to the social and economic development.

Right in this context, also BKT’s latest initiative under the sign of solidarity has come into being. The company is strongly committed to a project promoted by the Akshaya Patra Foundation consisting in the building and official opening of a Community Canteen kitchen in the small town of Bhuj in the Indian State of Gujarat, where BKT’s recently built production site is located – a brilliant example of a social factory. Even though being it already a model facility, BKT continues its commitment to further improving the area by enriching its services.

The new Community Canteen kitchen is part of the local Government’s nutrition programs. It has been set up in compliance with the strictest international standards on the matter of food safety and hygiene. The cutting-edge infrastructure is designed for cooking and baking about 2,500 kg of rice, over 21,000 loaves of bread and 1,200 kg of vegetables per hour. In addition, there are about 225 kg of ‘sukdhi’snacks prepared by a special device.

The canteen can provide food for 50 thousand students belonging to local schools. The purpose is to encourage underprivileged families to send their children to school to obtain a free meal. The project combines and embodies two essential pillars for the future: nutrition and education.

The canteen kitchen was officially inaugurated on January 19, 2019 with local representatives of the Akshaya Patra Foundation, and of the Sarva Mangal Family Trust, another donor taking part in the project, being present.