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Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, is strengthening its premium DUELER 4×4 range with the launch of the Dueler A/T 001 – a tough all-terrain and all-season tyre that doesn’t compromise on its on-road capabilities.

Designed using Bridgestone’s advanced tread block and compound technologies, the well-balanced Dueler A/T 001 gives enthusiast off-roaders the traction to go wherever they want on dirt or mud with great handling and control when they are back on the road in any weather, all year round.

“The Bridgestone DUELER range has built a strong position on the 4×4 market, with motorists and OEM customers” says Jerome Boulet, Director Product Marketing at Bridgestone Europe NV/SA. “The new DUELER A/T 001 will strengthen this reputation as it balances great off-road traction with superb road handling. The lighter construction also makes it a more environmentally friendly tyre.”

Off-road traction, on-road wet control

Dueler A/T 001 targets 4×4 drivers in Europe whose jobs or hobbies take them off-road some of the time. They enjoy going into the great outdoors, but overall they do more mileage on-road. Typically they drive 4WD vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes G-Wagen or Toyota Hilux.

Bridgestone engineers have ensured that the durability and mileage of the Dueler A/T 001 meets the expectations set by the Dueler A/T 694 it replaces. They have also optimised the tread block geometry and compound strength to provide better traction in all-terrain conditions, including snow and mud.[i]

Enthusiasts will appreciate the appealing block pattern design and sidewall carrying the certified 3P-MSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) symbol of year-round performance.

On the road, drivers are left in no doubt that this is a premium Bridgestone tyre. Handling is immediate and responsive, cornering is well-controlled, and the ride is even smoother and quieter than with the Dueler A/T 694. A new lug and groove design clears the contact patch faster, delivering confident braking in the wet.

Dueler A/T 001 will progressively replace Dueler A/T 694 across Europe from January 2017. It will initially be available in 23 sizes for 15” to 18” rims, covering more than 50% of the European 4×4 tyre demand.

[i]Compared to its predecessor. Based on internal testing carried out in December 2015/January2016 on size 265/70 R16.