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NANKANG’s New Motorsport showroom at Nürburgring

Nankang Rubber Tire in association with ATOMIC has opened a new showroom at Nürburgring Boulevard. NANKANG is the first Taiwan tyre manufacturer to have a showroom at Nürburgring.

Nürburgring is probably the most popular racetrack in the world and is a must-see place for any car, bike or motorsport enthusiast. Nankang Motorsport showroom has one of the best locations in the Nürburgring Boulevard. It is perfectly visible from both inside and outside of the Boulevard. In the displaying area, Nankang Motorsport pattern “AR-1” tyres are displayed. The showroom has one LED TV and one tablet to display Nankang products. There will have original goods, such as caps, stylish shirts, and folding chairs coming soon.

“In Regard to our cooperation with Nankang, we are happy to have this partnership and I personally think that Nankang is the best tyre brand with the most progressive strategy!” said Oleg (ATOMIC owner)

Nankang plans to continue working on developing high-performance tyres for drivers to challenge their extreme lap time at the circuit.

Location: Nurburgring Boulevard 2, Nurburg, 53520, Germany