moveero to Showcase Profi Range at DLG Field Show

With a proven portfolio and a rich heritage, moveero will be displaying a wide range of its Profi wheel solutions for the agriculture sector at  the 2022 DLG Feldtage  being held in Mannheim, Germany.  The company has developed a broad range of high-quality, high-performance wheels that are meeting the needs of farmers across the globe, providing unique solutions that help improve efficiency and productivity and specifically designed to meet the growing demand from ever-larger and more-powerful tractors.

moveero’s Profi-Grip wheel features a unique profile, designed to eliminate tyre-to-rim slippage, which has become increasingly problematic over recent years. The combination of larger tractors, increased horsepower,  low inflation pressure and heavy loads all contribute to tyre slippage. The Profi-Grip rim profile has been developed specifically to address this problem, delivering significantly improved contact pressure between the tyre and rim – which not only eliminates tyre slippage, but also makes the fitting of high-load capacity tyres faster and more straightforward and provides enhanced durability as well as increased fuel efficiency.

The patented Profi-Line+ wheel is a significant addition to moveero’s range and the perfect wheel to suit the demands of heavy-duty applications. The trend in the flotation wheel market is towards higher loads and longer working hours to increase productivity. With heavy-duty trailers requiring very high-performance wheels, Profi-Line+ provides the perfect solution for these challenging applications, providing a reliable, safe and long-life wheel, and with a rim that is 10% thinner than the standard design, fuel consumption is improved, without compromising on durability and strength. The wheel is also available with high spot marked to ensure that it is suitable for speeds up to 70 km/h.

Addressing the issues of run-out that can occur on manually adjustable track wheels on high-speed applications, moveero has also developed the Profi-Flex High Speed (HS) wheel. With tractor speeds constantly increasing, the issue of run-out, or “wheel wobble”, is ever more important, as the faster the tractor’s speed, the more pronounced the issue becomes.

Profi-Flex HS addresses this problem, ensuring that whenever the track setting is changed to accommodate different planting widths, the disc is replaced in the correct alignment with the wheel and that the correct tolerances are maintained,  ensuring the wheel cannot be assembled incorrectly and can be completed efficiently and accurately, every time. As a result, the ride quality, comfort-levels and tractor performance are maintained at the highest levels.

Finally, for wheels typically used on combines, self-propelled forage harvesters and tractors, moveero’s industry leading, patented Profi-Fit wheel provides the perfect solution for low pressure agricultural tyre applications. The wheel combines durability with reduced weight and easier tyre fitting.

With improved rim strength, Profi-Fit minimises the risk of tyre damage during installation and also incorporates a unique ‘double bump’ radius design at a critical point (where traditional rims are susceptible to ultimate fatigue failure) which reduces stress, whilst maintaining strength and performance. The lower weight of the wheel also contributes to savings in fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Commenting on the company’s display at DLG, John Madsen, Engineering Director at moveero, said: “Our patented Profi range of wheels has been proven on farms worldwide, delivering unique solutions to problems of increased speeds, horsepower, soil compaction and providing protection for the soil in both wet and dry conditions.  Our wheels are all designed to maximise in field efficiency, in terms of both tyre and fuel efficiency and in productivity and we look forward to talking through these benefits in more detail with visitors during the show.”

moveero will be located in area G, stand B36 between the 14th and 16th June.