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For the very first time on the African continent, more than 135,000 fans have been able to assist the great spectacle offered by Monster Jam, the American motorsport show broadcast on TV, where giant monster trucks compete in extraordinary stunts. As expected, an amazing debut, well organised by the promoters who are masters when it is about enthusing and captivating motorsport lovers of all ages.

After two years of effective organisation, the epic monster trucks were running at full blast at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban during the first Monster Jam evening event in Africa. Monster Trucks are 4,500-kg-weighing vehicles that are trimmed with 1,500-HP motors and fitted with special BKT tyres showing off with an amazing diameter of about 1.60 meters. These are real giants, if you think that an average family car weighs about 1,650 kg having a 120 HP motor.

More huge numbers of this South-African stage? 13 sea containers were necessary to transport all monster trucks from the States to South Africa including spare parts, equipment and all engineering devices. But that is not all: To build the parkour, not less than 3,400 cubic meters of dirt were used – 300 trucks fully loaded with sand.

BKT plays a central role in all Monster Jam events taking place in over 100 cities across six continents worldwide since it is Official and Exclusive Tyre Manufacturer for all participating monster trucks. It is about the purpose-built Monster Jam Tyre that is able to withstand the unbelievable strain during the show ensuring extraordinary performance. BKT has been a partner of the Monster Jam circuit since 2013. Since then, the company has delivered its tyres for around 780 shows that were attended by over 22 million of enthusiastic fans. BKT continuously interacts with this special community through its corporate social channels and by organising numerous initiatives to involve the audience at every event.

Right for the occasion of the show’s South-African stages and in cooperation with Monster Jam, BKT had started an educational and engagement campaign on its social media for the purpose of raising awareness for the event in South Africa. The online public has greatly appreciated the initiative. The latter contents have shown to be extraordinarily captivating obtaining significant results: about 208 thousand views for a total of 70 thousand reached users and 1,000 interactions.

Monster Jam comes up with over 350 shows and over 4 million spectators every year. It is a real “war machine” that apparently never stops as to the statements by the promoter Feld Motor Sports that aims at including four new countries into the circuit every year: Japan and China will probably be among the next ones – and after the extraordinary success, the show is likely to return to South Africa in 2020.

The Monster Jam promoter’s future outlook has the taste of challenge. An exciting and powerful style reflecting that of BKT. The company’s recent sport sponsorships and eye-catching activities in the field of charity or environmental responsibility definitely speak volumes.

Once again, BKT gives evidence of a broad mindset in terms of corporate strategy. By means of brilliant and thoughtful research and development plans, the company continuously develops and designs new solutions for the global Off-Highway tyre market. Just like the giant monsters, it is able to spot the right opportunities to stay close to everybody at the right time at the right place.