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Monaco Wheels has been Rebranded and Introduces Two New Models of Rims

It is with enthusiasm that Monaco Wheels announces its recent rebranding. A strategic and ambitious move that has transformed the face of the brand and closely reflects the needs of the market. Monaco Wheels has enriched its website with four segments: tuning, electric, comfort and luxury. These segments reflect the dedication to understanding the diverse preferences of car enthusiasts. Upgrading an electric vehicle, pursuing a luxury experience, or seeking the power of tuning: Monaco Wheels offers effortless navigation through its extensive range.

The rebranding of Monaco Wheels is celebrated by introducing two new models of rims:

Monaco Wheels model GPX

Model GPX from Monaco Wheels is a European production and available in two colours: shiny black and shiny black polished. Monaco Wheels GPX rims are not only visually attractive, but also TÜV certified. TÜV certification guarantees quality and safety. The rims fit perfectly with various car brands and models, where the special focus on the luxury segment is evident. The elegant Y- multispoke design and the possibility of transferring the original hub caps make the Monaco Wheels GPX rims an indispensable showpiece for car enthusiasts. The Monaco Wheels GPX is available in 19 and 20 inches.

Monaco Wheels model GP11

The Monaco Wheels GP11 is all about sublime elegance. The rim offers a sophisticated twisted Y- multispoke design that takes a car to the next level. The model is available in shiny black, shiny black fully painted and shiny black with polished lip. In addition, these rims match perfectly with various car brands and models, with a strong focus on the luxury segment. Just like the GPX, the GP11 also offers the option to transfer the original hubcaps. The Monaco Wheels GP11 is available in 18 and 19 inches.

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