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Mitas, a member of the Trelleborg Group, continues to develop its soil-saving low pressure high flexion tyre ranges with new sizes now making the technology available to a growing number of UK producers.

Eight new sizes covering sprayers, high horsepower tractors and combine harvesters are being added to its VF HC rangewith a further three more arriving later in the year, says Mitas UK sales director Paul Emery.

“We have a real belief in the advantages of high flexion tyres and are putting continued investment into their development.

“With growing realisation of the need to maintain optimum soil structure, such technology can have a real benefit in protecting the land as well as being more versatile when carrying high capacity loads on the road.”

High flexion tyres have a unique sidewall construction allowing them to be run safely at much reduced inflation pressures than conventional radial fitments, he explains.

“In the field this provides a larger footprint so soil compaction can be reduced and on the road, the tyres give up to 40% more load capacity than standard tractor tyres at any given inflation pressure.

“In reality this means users can run optimum pressures in the field and then not have to adjust the pressure again when they return to the road.”

VF tyres, therefore, offer a ‘best of both worlds’ solution, providing optimum performance in both field and road applications, he says.

“Because you’re running low pressures in the field, not only is compaction minimised traction is improved, slippage is less and fuel use is much more efficient.

“Back on the road, the special construction means this same low pressure can then be safely used for 90% of your roadwork. You can carry heavier loads at higher speed than with a similarly inflated standard tyre.”

For sprayers, three new HC1000tyres are being introduced in 380/105R50, 480/80R50 and380/105R54 specifications whilst for high horsepower tractors four new HC2000tyres are being offered in 420/85R28, 380/85R34, 420/85R34 and 480/80R46 options.

For combine harvesters, a newHC3000CFO (Cyclic Field Operations) tyre is being introduced in a 580/85R42 size. The tire has a ‘B’ speed category, allowing speeds of up to 50 km/h under a load of 8750 kg and a nominal inflation pressure of 2.8 bars.

The additions bring the number of high flexion options offered by Mitas to over 60 across its HC and SFT ranges, Paul Emery says.

“The VF tyres are increasingly becoming the backbone of our agricultural tyre range and we see a great future for them not just as OEM fitments.

“VF tyres can be fitted to standard rims so they make ideal replacements for existing tyres when they become worn.

“Plus, they’re a real option if you don’t want to go the expense of a central inflation system on your main cultivation tractors as used correctly, the need for constant pressure adjustment is avoided.”