Michelin Xeobib Tyres Clocking Up The Hours For RM Simpson

Agricultural contractor RM Simpson is to fit Michelin XeoBib tyres across all its tractors having been hugely impressed by the longevity of the product.

The Bradford-based farming company specified VF 710/60 R38 and VF 600/60 R28 Michelin XeoBib tyres as original equipment on its John Deere 6930 in 2009. The first set completed 9,500 hours before needing to be replaced, with the second set on course to last even longer.

Business owner Miles Simpson says: “The tractor has now clocked up more than 16,500 hours and we’ve only replaced the tyres once. The second set of XeoBibs have already done 7,000 hours and they still have plenty of life left in them. Between the two sets, we should comfortably exceed 20,000 hours operation in total – which is phenomenal performance.”

The tyres were recommended to Simpson by local Michelin Account Manager, Ian Whitwell – one of a team of Michelin agricultural specialists who provide expert tyre advice to farmers across the country.

“Even Ian was a little surprised when I told him how long they were lasting,” adds Simpson. “We’ve always used Michelin – they are the best agricultural tyres you can get in my opinion – but these XeoBibs are lasting even longer than we expected.”

RM Simpson carries out a wide array of contracting services, including spraying, foraging, baling and cultivating. The John Deere 6930 was used on main duties up until four years ago, but is now mainly used to cart silage trailers, and for raking and slurry spreading work.

The XeoBib range, which benefits from Michelin Ultraflex Technology, is designed for tractors between 80hp – 220hp, and benefits from a large footprint which helps to reduce soil compaction and rut formation.

Its VF (Very High Flexion) rating means the tyre is designed to function constantly at less than one bar of pressure regardless of speed or the surface its working on – meaning it’s kinder to the soil in the field and travels efficiently on the road, from one plot of land to another.

The tyre is also more fuel- and time-efficient, reducing slippage to ensure more traction on soft ground than standard tyres.

“The grip and performance is fantastic and they are proving to be the most durable tyres I’ve ever had,” says Simpson. “Moving forward, we’ll look to get them fitted on all of our tractors.”

Established in 1984, RM Simpson provides agricultural services to a large customer base across Yorkshire. It currently has a fleet of 11 tractors with six full-time operators.

For more information about the range of Michelin farm tyres available visit http://agricultural.michelin.co.uk or tweet @MichelinAgriUK.