Shire Aggregates has specified Michelin tyres as original equipment across 12 new MAN 32-tonne 8×4 tippers and adopted a Michelin policy as standard for future tyre purchases after a trial set of Michelin X Works tyres demonstrated it could save more than £26,000 a year in running costs.

The results, based on each 8×4 rigid tipper travelling around 75,000 km a year, showed with Michelin, the Catterick-based firm would save £17,892 thanks to an average increase in tyre life from nine to 22 months after switching to a premium Michelin policy.

Shire Aggregates also projects a saving of £7,600 in breakdown costs thanks to a dramatic reduction in punctures and blowouts versus current fleet records – with just one repairable puncture recorded during the two-year trial. The switch to Michelin will also deliver tangible sustainability improvements, with Shire Aggregates fitting significantly fewer new tyres than before – reducing its raw material usage and helping to protect the environment.

Jonathan Simpson, Shire Aggregates’ Managing Director, says: “Being able to see the quantitative results in front of us was eye-opening, as before we weren’t aware of just how much we could be saving.

“We’ve never had a tyre policy in place and have only ever specified the occasional Michelin tyre. This trial showed us the importance of having a robust and reliable tyre, as the savings versus a budget policy are huge, both in the efficiency of our fleet and the overall running costs. It’s really highlighted to us that buying cheaper tyres is a false economy in the long run.”

Following on from the impressive trial results, the 12 new MAN tippers were ordered and specified with Michelin X Works tyres as original equipment. The customer plans to run them through a full Michelin multi-life policy, fitting Michelin Remix tyres as replacements once worn.

Mr Simpson adds: “This is a considerable step for us as a business. We have never specified our entire fleet with just one brand of tyre, but the trial set demonstrated excellent traction and grip on wet roads, and gave the driver more confidence in the vehicle’s ability to handle rough terrain and winter conditions. – it proved our decision to specify Michelin was the right move.”

The Michelin X Works range is designed for operators who do most of their mileage on roads, but need traction and robustness on rough tracks and construction sites for deliveries. Key to their exceptional performance is the use of the most advanced Michelin technology, including Powercoil, a new generation of robust steel casing cables which help to make each tyre lighter yet more robust, leading to better endurance and reduced rolling resistance. Michelin X Works drive tyres also feature specially designed Z-sipes that increase the traction on road in winter conditions, especially in snow, allowing them to attain 3PMSF certification.

Established in 1992, Shire Aggregates supplies and delivers a wide range of bulk aggregate products directly to sites for a range of trade customers operating in Yorkshire and the North East of England.