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Michelin Tyre Management And Telematics For Wj&J Green

Moray-based bulk haulier WJ&J Green has eliminated all instances of trailer tyre failures after signing a five-year Michelin EffiTires tyre management contract, which includes the roll-out of Michelin’s EffiTrailer telematics system.

It marks a return to a 100 per cent Michelin policy across the truck and trailer fleet, after a decade of fitting a variety of tyre brands.

Key to securing the deal was Michelin’s ability to tailor a package which included weekly inspections carried out by a mobile Tructyre ATS technician, all tyre husbandry and fitting, and the installation of EffiTrailer across all trailers – providing additional features including tyre pressure monitoring and electronic braking system (EBS) data analysis, combined with constant geolocation.

Uniquely, when a company fits EffiTrailer, Michelin commits to reducing the number of tyre-related trailer breakdowns by up to 50 per cent. But since EffiTrailer was trialled on the first WJ&J Green trailers nearly 12 months ago, no trailer with the system has suffered a single tyre failure.

Iain Green, owner of WJ&J Green, explains: “Now we’ve got EffiTrailer protecting our fleet, we wouldn’t want to be without it. It’s a fantastic solution and guards against roadside tyre failures, which can result in late deliveries, vehicle damage and cost.

“It’s a known fact that when tyres operate below optimum pressure, fuel efficiency suffers and the tyre runs hot, making it more susceptible to damage or sudden failure. EffiTrailer sends an alert to our transport office if the pressure in any trailer tyre drops below a pre-defined threshold, meaning we can take action before it results in downtime. It’s a win-win situation for both us, and Michelin.”

Andrew Evans, Truck Regional Sales Manager for Michelin, explains: “The customer wanted to get back onto Michelin tyres and so we structured a policy which worked for them, bringing tangible benefits including increased uptime, greater fuel efficiency and more effective financial planning.

“We’ve been able to specify the optimum Michelin tyres for every asset on the fleet. Plus, with the support of Tructyre ATS and EffiTrailer, we are focused on extracting the optimum performance and mileage from every single tyre we fit.”

WJ&J Green operates a mainly Scania fleet comprising 27 tractor units, 32 trailers and three 8×4 tippers. The articulated fleet runs almost exclusively at 44 tonnes with primarily Wilcox trailers hauling agricultural produce across the UK, as well as delivering malt to distilleries throughout Scotland. The firm’s multi-wheelers operate on quarry contracts in the local area.

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