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Michelin has launched a brand-new tyre range aimed at regional haulage operations where fleet bosses place a priority on fuel saving. The introduction of the Michelin X Multi Energy marks the first time the company has launched a dedicated fuel-saving tyre outside of the typical long-distance trunking sector.

Its arrival is the next step in Michelin’s product replacement strategy for the popular X MultiWay 3D regional tyre, which began with the launch of the first sizes in the new X Multi range in 2017 – a tyre which matches its predecessor’s fuel efficiency yet delivers up to 20 per cent more mileage.

Michelin says extensive testing with its new X Multi Energy has demonstrated a fuel saving of up to 1.2 litres per 100 km compared to the X MultiWay 3D (using the VECTO calculation), whilst equalling its predecessor’s proven mileage potential.

Using the EU VECTO tool, Michelin has calculated that the new X Multi Energy tyres can save 1.1 litres of fuel per 100 km over the average of its three premium competitor rivals, which equates to a saving of more than €3,000 over a five- to seven-year truck lifecycle.

Fuel is the second highest cost for haulage operators and industry trends are towards cleaner, ‘greener’ transport, with the EU Commission developing a road map to reduce the CO2 emissions from road transport. The EU has developed a tool, VECTO, which calculates the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of trucks.  From 1 January 2019 all OEMs must declare the CO2 emissions for their new trucks sold on the European market, as calculated by the VECTO tool.

Chris Smith, Sales Director B2B for Michelin in the UK and Ireland, says: “This launch means regional operators can now make a clear choice in favour of fuel saving and CO2reduction. Our larger customers tell us this is becoming increasingly important as most tender documents and contracts are demanding a low CO2 operation. This makes X Multi Energy the perfect solution – bringing all of the experience we’ve gained with the X Line Energy long-distance product, to regional operators for the first time.”

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