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As of January 1, 2018, Michelin is restructuring into 10 newly-created regions worldwide. The aim is to deliver an even stronger focus on customers’ needs, to simplify procedures and to expand digital services and processes. The restructure will give Michelin staff more freedom in decision making as well as increased autonomy and responsibility.

Anish K Taneja, who became CEO of the new Michelin Europe North region on January 1, 2018, said: “Rapid change is a sign of our times. Michelin’s new structures are characterised by efficient and transparent processes giving staff a high degree of individual responsibility and an increased scope of action. More than ever we see ourselves as a mobility provider with a product and service portfolio aimed entirely at fulfilling our customers’ needs. Refocusing our activities towards customer structures and processes will make it easier for our customers to do successful business with Michelin. That is how we will achieve profitable growth in clearly defined steps.”

Mr Taneja is responsible for all of the Michelin Group’s activities in this region. After working at Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Sixt SE, he joined Michelin in 2013, where he was most recently responsible for all commercial activities of the previous Michelin region covering Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Number three worldwide in the Michelin Group: Michelin Europe North

Michelin Europe North combines the previous sales regions for Germany/Austria/Switzerland, the UK and the Nordics. It includes 10 countries: Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. The new region’s headquarters will be in Germany, as will the new centre for the automotive OEM business. In addition, the key accounts in all four European regions will be handled by the Michelin Europe North management team. Placing these global and European functions within Europe North underscores the importance of this region for the Michelin Group.

In terms of turnover, Europe North is the third-largest of the now ten newly-formed Michelin regions worldwide – just behind the US and Europe South, which includes Michelin’s home market of France. One of the reasons for this new group structure is the similar customer needs within each of the new regions.

Mr Taneja said: “We have compared the different customer demands in our markets with each other. The new regions’ boundaries run along natural borders where customers have similar demands of Michelin and of our products and services. In future, we will be able to react even faster and with even more precision to market changes and requirements.”