Michelin and Caffeine & Machine’s All-EV Weekend Event Eclectic Electric is Back

Electric vehicles (EVs) will take over the renowned automotive destination Caffeine & Machine in Warwickshire from 10th to 11th September for the all-EV show, Eclectic Electric.

After a successful debut, Eclectic Electric, the collaborative event between Michelin and Caffeine & Machine, returns for its second successive year, once again bringing together the very best of the EV scene. With a wide variety of vehicles on show, there is something for everyone, from early adopting EV evangelists to the sceptical lovers of fossil fuels.

Already confirmed for the event, Everrati will present the incredible Superformance GT40 MKII, an authentic continuation model of the timeless classic that was built in partnership with Superformance LLC. Arc will also be in attendance with its electrifying Arc Vector, described by the company as “the world’s most advanced motorcycle”. Also on show will be the all-new and all-electric Lotus Eletre, which is the world’s first electric Hyper-SUV and the first of a new breed of pure electric SUVs.

Alongside the rarities, mainstream automotive brands will also be attending Eclectic Electric with their latest EVs so that visitors can get up close to all the newest models that the electric market has to offer.

John Howe, Managing Director for UK and Ireland at Michelin, said, “Electric vehicles look and feel completely different to their fossil-fuelled counterparts, provoking strong reactions and emotions in many drivers. Eclectic Electric was created to celebrate the more exotic electrified innovations alongside accessible options for a wider audience.

“The popularity of EVs is growing at a staggering rate and we hope that Eclectic Electric accelerates the appeal even more by giving enthusiasts access to some of the finest electrified machinery available. Alongside this, we will have our 53 Motorsport tyre, our ultra-high performance racing tyre that contains an unprecedented 53% sustainable materials, on display for the public to see and learn more about.

“With a variety of brands attending, and some showstopping displays, both new and longstanding fans of electric mobility will like what they see at Eclectic Electric.”

Michelin’s longstanding commitment to an electrified future has also seen the brand invest in EV motorsport. As a founding partner of the FIA Formula E at its inception in 2015, the partnership resulted in many innovations, including the creation of its MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV racing tyres. The technology developed for the demands of high-performance circuit racing are now available for road use on EVs, in the form of the latest award-winning MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV road tyres.

Caffeine & Machine is one of the most famous car spots in the country and is known for its year-round fossil-fuelled car shows, which makes Eclectic Electric’s exclusively EV celebration all the more special. As Caffeine & Machine’s first official brand partner, Michelin will be at the event to showcase its latest products, as well as its approach to sustainability.

To find out more about this year’s Eclectic Electric all-EV weekend and book tickets, visit: https://caffeineandmachine.com/

For more information about Michelin’s tyre ranges, visit: https://news.michelin.co.uk/.