Meyer Logistik Maximises Uptime With Goodyear Total Mobility

Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG specialises in temperature-sensitive goods transport. The family-owned company, based in Germany, operates a fleet of around 1,200 trucks in Germany, Austria, Romania, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

In order to maximise uptime and to optimise mileage, Meyer Logistics has opted for an end-to-end value proposition called Goodyear Total Mobility. The partnership combines the latest generation of fuel efficient tyres, predictive digital solutions and the support of the pan-European service network TruckForce to support fleet mobility. Before agreement of the contract, a detailed analysis took place in order to make sure the package is fully in line with the company strategy and addresses the specific needs of the fleet. “Punctuality and uptime are key in our operations. Particularly in the case of temperature-controlled transportation, any downtime of a vehicle may entail significant follow-up costs.” says Christopher Steyer, Head of Fleet and Project Management at Meyer Logistik.

Smart technology keeps the fleet mobile

One building block of the value proposition is Goodyear TPMS, a data based Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which combines advanced telematics – including a patented predictive technology. The use of Goodyear TPMS provides the fleet with an important advantage as up to 85% of potential tyre-related breakdowns can be prevented before they even happen. The sensors provide real-time data on tyre temperature and air pressure, so that pressure loss can be detected and corrected before the vehicle encounters any issues. Unique to Goodyear TPMS is a predictive analysis technology called “G-Predict”, the in-house developed algorithms analyse the potential risk related to low air pressure, air loss or other tyre damage.

Subsequently, the system sends a warning message to the fleet manager, enabling them to take proactive maintenance action.

Meyer Logistik has also opted for the Goodyear on-road tyre range and is working with select partners within the TruckForce network. The location and assistance level given by the service providers are precisely tailored to the needs of the fleet. The highly qualified TruckForce technicians support the entire tyre management at Meyer Logistik and conduct a quarterly fleet check at the different fleet depots. As part of the new contract, they also install the hardware for the Goodyear TPMS on the trailers and mount the dedicated KMAX tyres optimised for mileage. “We have selected Goodyear as our new mobility partner because the TPMS is not a stand-alone solution, it’s part of an end-to-end offer” continues the logistics expert.

 First new vehicles already ordered with brand new KMAX GEN-2 on-road tyres

Whatever the delivery location, and whether summer, winter, day or night – the performance of the Goodyear KMAX GEN-2 range, mounted by Steyer, master demanding conditions. Most delivery journeys start from food terminals to well-known retailers, including many with downtown locations. This means impact by curb stones, for example, are part of the daily journeys. In addition to high damage resistance, the longevity of the tyres is of capital importance because of the multiple forces on the tyre during maneuvering or turning. In the coming months, Meyer Logistik will have around 1,600 vehicles equipped with the recently launched Goodyear product in Germany and Austria. The latest tyre range is optimised to deliver enhanced mileage even in challenging conditions. The tyres can be easily identified via an RFID chip and connected to a tyre management system.

Full-service approach and sustainability

The shortage of drivers is a well-known issue that the entire industry faces, and the right mobility approach can contribute to this.  Sustainability is another important focus area at Meyer Logistik’s. The company has received several awards, including the Eco-Performance Award 2016 and 2018, as well as the European Transport Award for Sustainability 2016.

“Building blocks, such as premium tyres, smart applications, like TPMS and experts to support efficient tyre management for fleets, contribute to the safety and comfort of our drivers by making their job easier. My goal is to design the workspace for our drivers in the best possible way and offer them very good working conditions in order to make the driving profession more attractive again. The long-lasting Goodyear tyres and TPMS solutions also support our sustainability goals, for example, in decreasing our tyre consumption. Other positive effects of continuously monitoring the air pressure in the tyres are the fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions” concludes Steyer.