As the UK reacts to varying extremities of weather, from snow drifts to heatwaves, motorists are forced to question their tyre choices for the changing conditions. While many opt to switch from winter to summer tyres and back again, a secondary option; all-season tyres, has emerged as a popular choice for road users looking for year-round performance without the hassle of switching their tyres partway through the year.

Responding to these motorists’ requirements, the Maxxis’ AP2 and MA-LAS all-season tyres have boasted strong sales since their unveiling in 2016. Both benefit from extra-heavy sidewall construction, an advanced tread compound and a double steel-belted design for long-lasting wear and uniformity. Additionally, continuous shoulder ribs provide smooth, even tread wear, increasing tread life as motorist’s head into the colder winter months.

Commenting on the brand’s all-season range, Maxxis’ managing director Derek McMartin said: “As a global tyre manufacturer we aim to give drivers peace of mind, whatever the weather throws at them. Demand for all-season tyres has risen steadily over the years, particularly among motorists exposed to a range of weather conditions on long journeys. In light of this we have renewed our efforts to provide road users with a comfortable and safe journey all year round.

“Extensive research and development has gone into producing our all-season tyres, and since the introduction of the AP2 and MA-LAS, we’ve noticed more and more drivers opting for all-season tyres. Sales volumes of these tyres tend to be higher between October and February, when it generally rains more frequently and road surfaces demand more grip. As conditions continue to change we’ll endeavour to produce tyres that meet motorists requirements for a safe option whatever the weather.”

The AP2 and MA-LAS are the result of Maxxis’ sustained commitment to research and development, as well as state of the art production facilities which produce tyres that are at least comparable in performance in all weather conditions to some of the best tyres on the market today.

Speaking on why the AP2 is so popular with motorists, Mark Jeffs, garage owner at Maxxis stockist MJ Tec Ltd., added: “We find it’s the best all-round tyre on the market, providing our customers with great value for money and sure-footed performance. It’s the only tyre where we receive fantastic feedback from motorists, who come back to us stating that they really notice the grip the tyre provides under wet conditions. As a reliable and durable tyre throughout the year, it gives our customers great driving confidence.”

Maxxis has one of the biggest all-season tyre ranges on the market, with 150 tyre options available to consumers across the car, van and SUV sectors. These fit wheels which range from 13” to 19” rims, with width options from 135mm to 275mm.

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