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Matador Welcome the Next-Generation of Van Tyres

As a brand of Continental, Matador tyres benefit from their industry-leading technologies and deep understanding of modern driver demands.

Successor to the MPS330 Maxilla 2, Matador Hectorra Van revolutionises the old generation of van tyres and concentrates on the needs of today’s commercial vehicles. This versatile summer tyre meets every challenge, boosting high braking performance and low rolling resistance for safe and economical journeys.

High Braking Performance

Revolutionary hexagonal crown design of the central blocks combined with refined longitudinal grooves in the shoulder enhances braking power and safety.

More Miles with Matador

Brand new tread compound designed to improve fuel efficiency and increase tyre life. Optimised rolling resistance assures maximum performance throughout the tyre’s lifetime.

Guaranteed Comfort

Balanced tread pattern and optimised sipe distribution generates very little noise and delivers impressive ride comfort.

A perfect fit for vans and commercial vehicles, the Matador Hectorra Van is available exclusively to Stapleton’s (Tyre Services) Ltd retailers. The Hectorra Van includes a comprehensive range ensuring the UK’s Top 10 van sizes are covered, including: 195/70R15C, 205/65R16C, 235/65R16C, 215/65R15C, 215/65R16C, 215/60R17C, 185/75R16C, 225/75R16C and 225/55R17C.