The harsh heat in the United Arab Emirates has always posed a challenge for tyre manufacturers, but early on Davanti embraced that challenge and won support from one influential dealer in Fujairah Province – Marwan Abbas.

But one of the the biggest hurdles to overcome in the UAE has always been tyre supply. With major brands only securing Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) accreditation to import the most popular wheel sizes, replacing tyres could turn into a treasure hunt. Without GCC certification, products cannot be imported into the Gulf region.

When Marwan was introduced to Davanti through distribution house Terramar GMBH, he immediately sensed a synergy and a solution to the problem. “The most important thing was that I felt an immediate connection with the people behind Davanti,” said Marwan.

“They were genuine, good people I trusted straight away. Then there was the product. Davanti tyres, even in the early stages, were very impressive and I was keen to work with them to improve supply in the UAE.”

Marwan bought into the Davanti brand, which was launched in 2015, quickly and played a key role in the UK-based manufacturer’s decision to seek GCC accreditation for it’s entire range, vastly improving accessibility to tyre sizes for consumers in the UAE.

“Davanti’s expansion into the Middle East has been helped significantly by Marwan,” said Peter Cross, Davanti General Manager.

“Not only has he provided valuable advice to help us establish the brand in the region, he is also a Davanti dealer, so he is truly a standard-bearer for the brand.”

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