Martins Industries Launches a New Website to Shop Online for Tyre Equipment

What began two years ago as another sizeable challenge for MARTINS INDUSTRIES to further develop its online operations has reached an important milestone in early September, when the company released a completely revamped, high-performance e-commerce website. With this state-of-the-art website now being live in a context where online shopping is soaring, the company hopes to attract more first-time buyers on it so that they can experience just how fast and easy purchasing their tyre equipment online can get.

When MARTINS INDUSTRIES’ team decided they wanted to ramp up their digital business in autumn of 2018, they knew that their website was going to be a cornerstone in this important endeavour. “We knew that providing an outstanding user experience, both on mobile devices and on computers, was going to be a big priority for us”, said Manuel Bisson, Digital Business Expert at Martins Industries. He added, “Our customers like to find what they want quickly, have all the accurate information at their fingertips to make the best decision for their business and check out easily. This site will be unlike anything else they’ve ever tried in terms of purchasing speed and convenience.”

It is with great pride that the team said “mission accomplished”, when the new website went live in early September. Users will now have products, content and features that are completely tailored to them, to allow for easier-than-ever shopping of tyre equipment. Altogether, the website is available in no less than 5 languages and is e-commerce-ready for consumers in 9 different countries.

As more consumers are now turning to online shopping in the context of the pandemic, MARTINS INDUSTRIES hopes to convince more buyers from an industry known for being more traditional to try their new website and make their first-ever online purchases of tyre equipment.