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Martin Winter Joins ZC Rubber Europe Technical Center

Zhongce Rubber Group (ZC Rubber) has appointed Martin Winter as Technical Director Tire Development EMEA & Americas at ZC Rubber Europe Technical Center in Hanover Germany. Martin Winter will work with Martin Wells, the Vice President ZC-Technical Center & Global OE, and Jörn Tietjens, the Key Account Manager OE, to support the ZC Rubber’s OE project development and compliance with the latest legal regulations on a global basis.

He will be leading the tire development, testing and corresponding activities related to the company’s OE project development, as well as technical guidance to all departments with tires, regulations and standards, latest changes in the field of sustainability. He will report directly to Martin Wells, the Vice President ZC-Technical Center & Global OE.

Martin Winter has more than 20 years’ experience in tire manufacturing and OE developments across famous tire companies including Continental, Goodyear Dunlop Tires, Hankook and Sentury. Before his joining in ZC Rubber or Entry in ZC Rubber, he worked very successfully in technical lead positions and latest as Global Technical Director OE.

“It’s great to have Martin Winter on board as he has profound knowledge for OE developments with leading OEMs and he can be of great support to the essential processes to establish ZC Rubber as a sustainable partner for the automotive industry in Europe and USA.” stated by Martin Wells.

ZC Rubber opened its Europe Technical Center (ETC) in Hannover Germany in 2021. The ETC is to provide support to the global development of the company’s original equipment project development and to work with key OE accounts in the region.

“With our technical team’s growing, we are confident to expand our global OE business in a faster pace. We look forward to collaborating with the world’s leading automakers and creating more value for global customers in the future.” stated ZC Rubber.