Marangoni Presents RINGTREAD Blackline ICE202

One of the key factors to a successful winter range is the variety of patterns, each one able to meet different and more extreme performance requirements. It is for this reason that, during the Coronavirus emergency, Marangoni hasn’t stopped the development of new products, further investing in research on new compounds and ever more efficient designs.

That’s why the already broad family of Marangoni winter precured rings and tread strips is now bolstered by a new product making its debut on the European market: the Blackline ICE202, a new 3PMSF drive pattern, specially designed for use in ​severe winter conditions​ on vehicles operating mainly over ​long distances​.

The new premium ring meets the demands of extremely competitive and selective markets, thanks to its ability to combine traction and mileage, also in ​the most extreme conditions typical of Nordic countrieswhere safe driving is essential. ICE202 is, of course, 3PMSF approved for severe winter service, and the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” approval symbol is visible on the shoulders as well on the tread itself.

This new-generation RINGTREAD product features a ​bi-directional pattern featuring a variable block arrangement, open shoulders and deep 3D siping with interlock technology​, providing excellent control on surfaces covered with ice and snow, even compact. The wide opening of the shoulders keeps the tread constantly “clean” of any snow and ice, offering as well the greatest traction. The innovative interlock sipes assure the maximum tread stability during service, to maximise traction and minimise the heat build-up. The extensive reinforcing bridges on the ribs provide stability on softer ground (snow, mud), resistance to very aggressive road surfaces (ice) and more regular wear.

ICE202 is already available for tyre size 315/70R22.5, while 275/70R22.5 and 295/80R22.5 will soon follow. As per all the Blackline range, this ring features a ​specially developed compound that ensures better rebound at low temperatures and reduced rolling resistance, as well as longer treads rubber life in extremely stressful conditions.

Blackline range is the crown jewel of RINGTREAD System, the only retreading process that uses spliceless precured rings that adhere to the casing without tension or deformation of the tread pattern. Thanks to the higher precision and directional stability of the siping and blocks, excellent traction is ensured even on the most demanding surfaces.