Marangoni Meccanica – New Look For The Leader In Tyre Assembly Machinery

Marangoni Meccanica, the Italian company leader world-wide in the design and construction of new tyre manufacturing equipments, has announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity. These changes come at a time when the company, which was recently recapitalised and span off from the Marangoni Group in June, is evolving through a strategic journey with the objective of offering to its customers an even more powerful support and commitment.

The new brand identity better reflects the Company’s market-leading position and clearly demonstrates the comprehensive lifecycle of machinery and services offered to its customers across the globe. The new brand Marangoni Machinery and the new logo are meant to work very well across digital and physical channels. They evoke a feeling of ideas, dynamism, collaboration, movement, positivity, speed—and velocity, which work all together for obtaining the highest quality and satisfaction for the customers. The new Marangoni Meccanica logo is portrayed by a font that expresses the modularity concept and changes from a condensed style to a bold stencil style. The letters come from pure and regular shapes that describe Marangoni Meccanica’s experience and the company’s methodology. “Machinery” completes the logo and describes the company’s trading area inscribing itself in a chromatic base that stabilises the composition as a whole and reinforces its message. The payoff “” expresses three main concepts of Marangoni Meccanica:

  • strong customisation and uniqueness of the projects
  • great propensity for agile operating models
  • constant ability to evolve in a technological way

The new colour choice goes to orange and dark blue. Orange brings warm and good vibration to an already very energetic business environment. In colour psychology means adventure, optimism, self-confidence and sociability, which are the core features of Marangoni Machinery. The combination with the deep midnight blue, which is also a powerful colour related to the right side of the brain, conveys intuition, integrity and deep creativity. “We feel the message of our Company’s great responsibility, pioneering spirit and high ideals is very well explicated in our new Logo” says Mr Mastronardi, new CEO of Marangoni Meccanica.

You can get in contact with your Marangoni Meccanica friends and partners through their new e-mail addresses The new website, now under construction, is