Marangoni Celebrates 20 Years of Business in Brazil

On  24th April Marangoni reaches the milestone of two decades of its factory in Brazil. Opened in 2001, the Brazilian plant located in the state of Minas Gerais is responsible for introducing in the country and in Latin America RINGTREAD, the revolutionary retreading system, which is considered the most advanced pre-cure technology for the retreading of truck and bus tyres. The RINGTREAD System enables a retread completely different from any other, with an excellent cost-benefit ratio for the customer and superior quality able to match or even exceed the performance and reliability of a new high-quality tyre.

Marangoni arrived in Brazil with the mission to deliver to tyre retreaders and their customers a higher quality product for a country of continental dimensions and one of the largest road networks in the world. A meaningful challenge for a brand that developed solutions and innovations that contributed to the evolution of the segment worldwide and consolidated it as a global reference in tyre retreading.   

With an eye always ahead of its time, Marangoni continues investing in Brazil with new products and technologies that will allow it to constantly renew its mission to deliver the best tyre retreading materials. “It’s twenty years delivering new life for truck and bus tyres in Brazil and Latin America, and we’re proud to deliver high-quality products, with the credibility and trust that Marangoni has around the world. It’s a date we celebrate by being on every road in the country, with products travelling countless kilometres to every corner of the continent. This is what drives us to keep developing solutions more and more complete and sustainable”, comments Giacomo Melotti, CEO of the Brazilian unit.

In a message delivered to the Brazilian employees for this occasion, Marangoni Group Chairman Vittorio Marangoni stated: “From the retreading of tyres in an abandoned bomb shelter after the Second World War, to a world technological leadership. This is, in short, the history of our group. Marangoni arrived in Brazil in 2001 and built from scratch a reality that has established itself and has been appreciated. Now Marangoni Tread Latino America celebrates 20 years after its foundation and we wish it a long life full of success and satisfaction. I want to thank all those who believed in this and made this achievement possible.”