MAHA UK After-Sales Support Offers ‘Peace of Mind’

As a manufacturer of its own workshop equipment, trusted in MOT stations and ATF lanes, MAHA UK is best-placed to maintain its own equipment, offer outstanding after-sales support and warranty packages to suit the customer’s requirements.

 MAHA UK calibrates the equipment at the point of installation and concludes the deal with a two-year warranty. It also offers the customer an additional three years extended warranty – essentially covering the equipment for five years all in, which includes parts and labour.

That’s not all either, as MAHA UK Managing Director, Neil Ebbs, explained: “We can simply offer a calibration contract or a service & maintenance contract – there are three options to explore.

“All are viable and worthy options, considering all of our engineers are experienced, factory-trained and are responsible for the upkeep of our equipment – there’s nothing worse than an engineer turning up to replace a piece of equipment that they’ve never seen before or have no idea what it’s about.”

Should the customer elect for the three-year extended warranty, they then have the choice of an additional five-year warranty or go onto a rolling annual contract at the conclusion of that initial agreement.

Neil added: “It’s peace of mind for the customer – that’s the key to this – they will know where they stand in terms of how much they’ve got to pay every month, so, in the unlikely event there is a problem, they know one of our trained engineers will pay them a visit as quickly as possible – it’s that simple.”

What’s more, should a brake tester require attention, for example, MAHA UK has genuine like-for-like components in stock and ready to go.

Currently, around 40% of customers choose the five-year warranty term, and Neil acknowledged that some have their equipment calibrated “as and when”, before adding:

“If it’s not a test station, in theory, customers don’t have to have their equipment calibrated every six months – there’s no legality – but if they’re using it for compliance, for the six and eight weekly brake checks, then they would have to prove that they have a calibrated brake tester and that calibration was carried out by a certified person, such as a MAHA UK engineer.”

Too good to turn down?

Neil empathises with customers that are nervous about either putting money upfront or don’t want to increase their monthly payments, but he compared that scenario with a personal choice: “If I was to lease a car – a lot of our brake testers are leased – I would want to make sure my vehicle is covered for the entire lease period, so I wouldn’t have to worry about failures, tyres etc.”

Another roadblock for customers is actually the self-explanatory nature of MAHA UK equipment; for example, the MBT 7250 EUROSYSTEM brake tester comprises of a program that talks the user through the entire set-up, one step at a time, offering plenty of convenience.

It will ask if it’s a truck or trailer – perhaps a combination of both – that’s being tested, before wanting a DTp number. That data will then generate a configuration of the brakes that are being checked. It could be the front brake is just a foot brake, the second brake could have a secondary park brake on it and so could the third axle, for instance, so it gives the user that crucial combination.

Where things become complex, increases the room for error and may need assistance from MAHA UK’s knowledgeable and professional after-sales team is if the vehicle is obscure, as Neil explained:

“Users can enter the relevant information manually, or they can conduct a brake test and evaluate it themselves.

“If they put a DTp number in – that’s how DVSA test vehicles – that will then give a pass/fail criteria, depending on what happens during the brake test – and that’s incredibly complex.”