Magna Tyres Sharpens Brand Promise

Leading global OTR Tyre Designer and Manufacturer, Netherlands based Magna Tyres has recently given their website a revamp which also incorporates a progressive update on the company’s Brand Promise and Customer Values.

Robert Gruijters – Head of Marketing at Magna Tyres says, “With the re-positioning of our brand promise and customer values we want to portray more accurately on our customer feedback. With an NPS of +42, it clearly shows we exceed customer expectations. In this fiercely competitive market we, as a smaller company, simply have to try harder to satisfy our customers. Our brand promise “Always” clearly demonstrates our can do mentality, which is part of our DNA.”

The mark the ‘next chapter’ in Magna Tyres’ development, the company has further sharpened its ‘Brand Promise’ with a view to taking their ongoing perception of ‘added value’ to the next level. This even more efficient brand momentum not only encapsulates the company’s capabilities but also their complete dedication to keep its customers on the move with the best tyre solution.

When it comes to Magna Tyres’ attitude towards increased Customer Values. Four key areas have been intensified as follows:

Flexibility: All decisions are made swiftly and delivered fast.
Human: As a family-owned business, particular focus is placed on the people who purchase our tyres.
Focus: Offering a constantly high standard of Knowledge, Experience and Passion at all times.
Value for Money: Offering similar quality as tier one brands but at a lower price.

Robert concludes, “At the same time Magna Tyres has also taken the opportunity to move closer to an even greener and more efficient way to distribute our tyre catalogue by transferring all the information onto a small card which when scanned will be redirected to the Product Page.”