Magna Tyres Portal Now Also Available In The Rest Of The World!

Magna Tyres Group is proud to announce that after a very successful launch of the Magna Tyres Portal in Europe, it is now also being launched in all other continents and will be available immediately. Directly after the introduction of the new platform, many Magna customers/dealers and other interested users have already signed up and are now taking advantage of the many benefits the platform offers. The initial feedback from this users is encouraging and has led Magna Tyres to focus even more on the local expansion and continuous development of the platform.

As announced at the launch of the portal in Europe last October, Magna Tyres has made it a priority to make the portal accessible in all other parts of the world. After a short period of implementing the necessary extra features and local adaptations, the time has finally come for the system to start serving as an extra service tool for any user, anywhere in the world. From now on, everyone can use the Magna Tyres Portal that covers the entire process from providing information to ordering tyres. In addition, the portal includes many more important features such as:

  • Product & Technical documentation
  • Marketing Support
  • After Sales service
  • And many more…
Magna Tyres Group is convinced that the portal will also be a great success in all other parts of the world and a valuable addition to the current way of service. This launch symbolises the next step in the Magna Tyres growth journey and our commitment to respond to the needs of the market. We believe that the portal will further expand our global presence and help us acquire new customers.