It was announced earlier this year that the immensely popular Magna M-Terrain E4 tyre series would soon be expended with new sizes. Today, we are proud to reveal that the tyre will be available in three additional dimensions! The M-Terrain tyres can be obtained as of today in the sizes 750/65R25, 875/65R29 and 800/80R29. With this surge in the number of available sizes we aim to serve even more clients around the world.

As with the other tyres in the Magna M-Terrain range, these new additions are also specifically designed for articulated dump trucks in challenging offroad conditions. Keeping in mind that these new tyres bring the exact same advantages as the other tyres in the M-Terrain collection.

The tyres have a non-directional E4 tread which substantially enhances the performance and the traction of the tyre. They also have an all steel radial construction. This guarantees better load performance and ease of operation. And, as you are used to with the M-Terrain tyre, the heat build-up is significantly reduced thanks to the state-of-the-art casing.